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Your Favorite places In Kusadasi

Discussion in 'Travel Talk' started by **claire**, Oct 5, 2004.

  1. **claire**

    **claire** Super Moderator

    I thought this would be good for all the new members :) & future visitors to Kusadasi,
    Please list your favorite places as below...if you can think of any others to add, please do!!! ;)

    Resturant: Sherwoods, Ladies beach
    (The BEST bread in Kusadasdi!!!)

    Bar: (on bar Street): Kitty O'sheas

    Bar: Dream bar/boys, Ladies beach

    View: The sunsetting on ladies beach, watching the ships come into the harbour

    Souvenir: Bargain fake sunglasses :cool: handbags, limon Cologne, Boncuks(evil eyes)
  2. cherry

    cherry Fan

    GOOD WORK CLAIRE :cheesy: :clap:
  3. Mella

    Mella Administrator Staff Member

    Good work Claire Bear, I stopped posting useful enjoyable anti-bok posts along time ago.....

    my fave souvanir was definately the bags. I got abit carried away in the bag shop. Christian Dior, D&G, Louis Vuittons were all screaming my name.

    In this one shop there was this Turkish lady watching me look at the bags and she came over and said:

    'u want bag.i have scret room.follow'

    i though 'hello this sounds a bit dodgy'
    but allas...i followed.

    She led me into this secret back room that was covered from floor to ceiling with bags, big ones, small ones, fat ones or thin ones.
    i chose like 3 and then she said
    'alot more expensive.real leather'

    *cries* the bag lady is a con man :(
  4. Thought i would add my favorite places

    Resturant: Wishing Well, near the dolmus station
    (The BEST everything Kusadasi :razz: )

    Bar: (on bar Street):The Shamrock Irish bar and Paradise

    Bar: Dream bar/boys, Ladies beach

    View: The sunsetting near the marina, it's so beautiful to sit there enjoying your dinner, or having a drink while u watch the sun go down

    Souvenir: handbags, limon Cologne, Boncuks(evil eyes), turkish delight, clothes
  5. **claire**

    **claire** Super Moderator

    Just an idea ..

    any new members want to fill this in ... it will give new visitors to Kus a good idea of what & where they should be visiting!!! :)
  6. Resturant: Green Island or Selam Restaurant

    Bar: Paddys and Kittys

    View: The sunset from the rooftop restaurant at my hotel - Rina otel

    Souvenir: My evisu bag and my white stone necklace and my named bracelet

    PS: you know the restaurant in bar street which is down some steps and they do magic tricks and the man calls him self 'Famous Shamus' does anyone know its name?
  7. Restaurant- Redwood benelux

    Bar- Paddys of course

    View- eating dinner at ladies beach and watching the sunset while listening to the wave crashing onto the beach(aaah miss it soo much)

    Souvenir erm.. has to be the bags and little turkish trinkets

    Joanne- the restaurant you are talking about is called atilas, but the people who used to own it have a beautiful new restaurant at ladies beach called halakanas (not sure how its spelt)
  8. Croushy

    Croushy Fan

    Its my turn! i love dis kind of topics... ;)

    Restaurant: Konya, near the mosquee in the centrum main street. Cheap, good n authentic!

    Bar: (on bar Street):Jimmys n Paradise

    Bar: Tulip Lale in Kusadasi north (Kustur n Tusan area)

    View: On the dolmus road between Korumar hotel n Marina, on the hill... Wonderful. Views that i like particulary too are when u do speed boat from Marina, n u drive in front of Barbaros fortress, then Korumars area : the views r so beautiful...

    Souvenir: Golden jewels, false diesel jeans, nazar boncuk...
  9. thanks chocolate honey i always wanted to know that your a star :)
  10. favourites

    Resturant: not sure cant remebr names but i tink most of them r nice

    Bar: (on bar Street): kittys n paddys cant chose

    Bar: regatta bar

    View: The sea down on the front when its nice n hot

    Souvenir: erm lots of raki n vodka
  11. Oonie

    Oonie Fan

    Resturant: Somewhere Else, Ladies Beach, Murphys, Yukka

    Bar: (on bar Street): PADDYS :)

    Bar: Dream Boys, Durty Nellies

    View: The sunset on Ladies Beach

    Souvenir: Fake handbags, Boncuks(evil eyes), jewellery
  12. Boo

    Boo Fan

    Restaurant: Saray Restaurant and Mangal (near marina beach)

    BAR (bar street): Jimmys, paddys, shamrock, Kusadasi bar (can't seem to pick one... )

    BAR: Yabba Bar, Ecstacy,...

    Souvenir: too many friends after living there and oh off course handbags
  13. Hande

    Hande Fan

    restaurant: I don'y know.. they were all very good ;)

    bar: there was a bar in ladies beach with a band.. I don't remember the name but I actually just liked it because of the band :p

    view: ladies beach + pigeon island sunset; green beach at night

    souvenir: jewelery, photos :D, friends

    (I miss everything so bad :( )
  14. Claire02

    Claire02 Explorer

    Resturant: Casablanca, the love of my life works there at the moment! :inlove:
    Bar: (on bar Street):Jimmy's :cheers:
    Bar: Ladies Beach

    View: Sun setting on the harbour or the sexy staff at Casablanca restaurant

    Souvenir: handbags, sunglasses, jewellery, clothes, shoes
  15. Laurel

    Laurel Fan

    Resturant : Saray

    Bar : Paradise & Paddys (cant decide!!)

    Bar : The bar in tropicana garden hotel (have a great laugh there before we head to bar st)

    View : coming into town at night all the lights around the marina

    Souviners : Bags, wallets, jewelery and boncuks(evil eye)
  16. slimjim

    slimjim Fan

    Resturant mayflower, murphys and wishingwell
    Bar (bar st) kittys and jimmys
    BAR ah cant remember name on corner facing mosque right opposite cocktail bars
    VIEW looking up to Ata Turk statue on hill above tues market (not sure why )
    Souvenirs as much as cases will hold

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