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where to rent scooters?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by pdroover, Sep 13, 2004.

  1. pdroover

    pdroover Explorer

    The 21st op september my girlfriend and I come to visit Kusadasi. We 'd like to rent two scooters. Where can we rent the best??? We will stay in the Grnd Bleue Sky hottel
  2. Umit

    Umit Veteran Staff Member

    Hmm, i think it's not a good idea. What about rent a car? Our moderator, VivaKusadasi is serving reliable and cheap rent a car service. You can contact with him http://www.steprentacar.com . Also, you can talk about renting a scooter with him.
  3. pdroover you can easily get a scooter from me but I am not sure if the weather will be good for riding a scooter on those dates. Anyway... I will help you with your scooter. You can ask me about anything on this subject.
  4. pdroover

    pdroover Explorer

    I have visited your site http://www.steprentacar.com and we are sure we will rent a car, but we also make a trip near the coast by scooter. We did that on Ibiza and it was great. Can you give us an adress where we can rent two scooters in Kusadasi (near the Grand Blue Sky hotel)
  5. I can manage the scooters as well. You can pick them from your hotel. We have that service.
  6. Jess

    Jess Explorer

    For Viva

    Hi Viva
    Myself and my Turkish husband will be in Kusadasi from 10th July until 14th August. We are going to rent a car for about 4 weeks. What is the best deal you can do for us? We would like something like a Remault Twingo. The Sahin is too heavy on petrol.
  7. Hi Jess,
    Since the Twingos have been replaced to the ephesus museum, I'd recomend you to rent a clio or a palio instead. The new model Sahins are not so heavy on petrol. We now have injectioned sahins.

    Anyway... I'll contact the Ephesus Museum for a Twingo. We might find one if we are lucky. Give me 2 days. I'll be searching for a twingo.
  8. bkumpa

    bkumpa Explorer

    Myself and my boyfriend will be in Kusadasi from 20th July until 30th July. Can somebody tell me where can I hire scooter? I need two of them. And what is the price for one day?

  9. Bighugh

    Bighugh Fan

    I'mlooking to hire a big bike....last time i hired a Volusia 800.....what price should I be paying?

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