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What I Like About Today

Discussion in 'Expat Forum' started by Anthony07, Jul 9, 2014.


    KASTAMONU Connoisseur

    39° ... a lovely day at our little local Beach Club celebrating the lad's special day B-) ... sound of the sea ... some food and refreshments and a cool swim...off to Ladies Beach for dinner now...can't beat life here....
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  2. kibris

    kibris Mancunian Crooner

    Too hot and humıd for me ım afraıd so ım to be found on my top floor lots of sea vıew balcony tıme and not doıng much of anythıng except keep havıng a few tepıd showers and sıttıng under me fan.
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  3. jake 51

    jake 51 Veteran

    A nice wee win at the bingo..

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  4. peril

    peril Connoisseur

    Well we've been rattling around lake Garda having attended our wedding which went of very well. We managed to get lost a few times but as the late Keith floyd would say we made a few new chums! We also managed to have one of the most bizarre experiences the night of the second wedding do - it was a three day event. As it was an Irish wedding there was a lot of carousing, singing and the playing of that most portable of musical instruments- the tin whistle. It went on very late - and we set off to walk back to our apartment and stopped for a breather at the bus station. We were admiring the view as you do, when a little girl bleeding profusely and copiously appeared from nowhere pleading for help. The first thing I did was to control the bleeding while himself and I half carried her across the square to an ambulance station we'd noticed before. She was German and told me that she'd already tried there but got no answer. I told himself to get an answer or knock the door down - and just before he got an answer I noticed we'd been joined by what I can only describe as a sleaze ball- Italian. In the light I was able to see she had the handle of a large glass embedded in her hand and the tendons were cut and she'd no movement in three of her fingers. When the door opened we carried her in accompanied by the sleaze ball - and I noticed she was cringing every time he came near her.
    I explained what the problem was to what appeared to be the boss who spoke very good English - he didn't want to know and started pushing and shoving us to get out and take her with us. Well I couldn't believe what was happening. To the pushing and shoving were added a few roars ( mostly from me I admit!) and eventually one guy deigned to look at her hand - and bandaged her up and all the while the boss is pushing shoving and trying to get us out. Eventually after about 20 minutes he agreed to take her to hospital - and mr sleaze ball decides to go with her! She asked would I bring her to the loo and when she did she told me he'd done that to her hand she did not want him near her and definitely not in the ambulance - she was afraid of him and then I looked at her eyes - high as a kite- he'd given her something which made her dizzy she says and then jumped on her and when she resisted he hit at her with a glass and she put up her hand to ward of the blow.
    Well when we went back out and I told the boss that sleaze ball wasn't going anywhere with her and that he was the one who'd injured her all hell broke loose and it was another 20 minutes before I got that sorted. We were ignominiously thrown out and the station locked up before I realised my bag was inside. Two and a half hours we waited during which time mr sleaze ball came back for round two with reinforcements! To make a long story short we dispatched the reinforcements- I told him I was waiting for the police- why incidentally is there never one around when you want one? When the paramedics arrived back the boss was so pleased to see me he kicked me in the backside - did wonders for my sciatica threw my bag at me and told us to get lost! Discretion took over - 5 burly paramedics and two of us didn't stack up and I'd no desire to wake up in hospital!
    I have no idea why they were so reluctant to help the girl - she was only 19 badly hurt in a foreign country and in urgent need of a hospital - I've never known anything like it and I've had many odd experiences over the years.
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  5. kibris

    kibris Mancunian Crooner

    Thats a horrendous tale perıl!! What the hell ıs goıng on??

    Market not too bad as theres a lovely breeze blowıng--all ı want tonıght ıs a plate of chıps and ıve made some barbecue sauce to dıp ,em ın--just tomato ketchup and a bıt of curry powder for quıckness!
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  6. peril

    peril Connoisseur

    If someone told me that story KiB I'd be looking at them but unfortunately it's all true and I have the bruises to prove it and the ruined frock - but that will wash and the bruises will fade - that little girls nightmares are just beginning. It's massively hot and humid here on our last night and himself is, as he'd say himself, being let out on his own to the shops. I'm packing and wondering how I crammed all these clothes in when we were coming over! It'll be a pasta dinner tonight I think with some nice parmagiana and a green salad - oh and lashings of wine- I'm not carrying it home!
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  7. sexyshirl

    sexyshirl Expert

    Unbelievable Peril I was of the impression that Lake Garda was a really refined resort ... just shows you
  8. peril

    peril Connoisseur

    Oh it is SS- which is why this was such a bizarre incident. Most of the Italian people we met there were lovely- kind and welcoming. We had spent five days in Verona first and the people couldn't be nicer - it was just the paramedics in Garda and their attitudes and behaviour that were outlandish, and their refusal to treat an injured young woman was unbelievable, regardless of anything else.
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  9. garyadele

    garyadele Expert

    what i like about today Kusadasi time is getting closer 5 weeks to go , can't come fast enough ready for some nice hot sun , sea and ice cold efes :):thumbsup: :tup:
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  10. peril

    peril Connoisseur

    Seven weeks for us - starting to look forward to our return!
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  11. sexyshirl

    sexyshirl Expert

    4 FOUR 4 FOUR ... who's gloating lol ;););)
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  12. peril

    peril Connoisseur

    A bit too hot for me then SS- but 747 for us!

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