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What Do You Think About Izmir?

Discussion in 'Izmir Forum' started by boracasli, Aug 4, 2016.

  1. boracasli

    boracasli Explorer

    I'm currently in İzmir. Today is my last day in its metropolitan area (I'm in Bayraklı) and we'll be heading to Dikili, where our summer house's located in and we will stay there one day and we'll return to İstanbul then. I love this city and it's way better than İstanbul, which is the city I actually live.

    I can see a gigantic waving flag and the main building of the local TV channel "Kanal 35" from the hotel I stay. I love seeing this view. I think I fell in love with this city. (I actually lived here since when I was very little :))

    I would like to have your opinions.

    Thank you


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