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web site address for tropicana garden hotel?

Discussion in 'Hotel Reviews and Questions' started by sandra2482, Dec 21, 2004.

  1. sandra2482

    sandra2482 Explorer


    does anyone know the website address for the tropicana garden hotel in kusadasi,,,,,i cant find anywhere.....

    i tried doing a search and no luck

    i stayed in the hotel twice in 2002 and once in 2003
  2. Umit

    Umit Veteran Staff Member

    Hello Sandra,

    unfortunately there is no website of Tropicana Garden Hotel.
  3. sandra2482

    sandra2482 Explorer

    there used to be a website for tropicana garden hotel......

    i was in it lots of times and left messages on the site.

    but i reformatted my pc and lost all my website addresses in favourites

    anyone help?
  4. Sorry Sandra but they really don't have a web page. Gobshite would have knew it if they had. Besides, you are not the first one asking for the web of them..
  5. sandra2482

    sandra2482 Explorer

    web site for tropicana garden hotel

    they used to have a website.

    i was in it lots of times

    did they get rid of it or what?
  6. Umit

    Umit Veteran Staff Member

    Hello Sandra, i think they have several hotels in different cities and they have just one website for their hotels.

    So that, we can not find it. But i have pix of their hotels and our travel agent serve their services. i will publish their pix.

    BTW, we are a community here and would like to hear your review about hotel. Please feel free to sumbit your review.

    Thanks ;)

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