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Tusan Beach Hotel

Discussion in 'Hotel Reviews and Questions' started by Emma, Jul 8, 2004.

  1. Emma

    Emma Explorer

    :D Hi all!

    Can some 1 help me! I am a teen going to the tusan beach hotel this yr in the summer, can some 1 tell me what the entertainment is like and will i ever find myself getting bored?

    As much info as possible please!

    Tanks all. xx :clap:
  2. Hello Emma
    You'll not be bored any time while you will be in Kusadasi. Threre is always something to do in Kusadasi. So don't worry about it.
    Everything's gonna be alright :)
  3. bEaCh BoY

    bEaCh BoY Fan

    whatever he said.. :clap: :clap: :wave:
  4. lozlushlips

    lozlushlips Explorer

    hi emma i am also a teen going to the tusan beach hotel in a months time with my mate! iv herd that the mini club that the hotel holds is "dead" but that wasn't in the main season so hopefully it will b fine!

    what dates are you going to kusadasi then?

    also wot is ur age if u dont mind me asking?

    looking forward to your reply laura xxx

    p.s the private beach the hotel holds is gr8 "so iv herd"
  5. satcom2

    satcom2 Explorer

    Just got back from the Tusan beach resort
    Well we will start at all the good points first
    The rooms are excellent very clean and well set out and bed linen is changed every day, the hotel is very well set out and clean all staff are very polite and helpfull. the pool areas is excellent. the hotel is very safe
    with 24 hour security on patrol
    Beach very clean, sea safe to swim in.
    Disco from 11.00pm till 2.00am excellent for the younger ones.
    Now for the BAD side ( sorry about this but people should know )
    The food is appalling most of the time it was cold ( even if you went in when the restaurant opened and I never knew you could do so many things with meat balls.if you wont any english food forget it, chips are as near as you are going to get all the food is aimed at the foreign tourist
    I would say that if there was 1000 tourist at the Tusan 50 were english
    We ate out every day because of this and we are not fussy eaters
    Entertainment to be truthful is crap we went out every night because of this also.
    Activities during the day are few and far between.
    I would not recommend this hotel if you wont to have a good time
    but i will be happy to answer any more questions if any one wishers
    to know more about the Tusan
    Dave Satcom2
  6. Emma

    Emma Explorer

    thanks for that all! even the bad report! i am glad some 1 told me the truth! xxx
  7. Emma

    Emma Explorer

    :D thanks for that all!

    1 more q. - - - - can any 1 tell me what the age is on the turkish baths, and what are they like? i would love to try one! oh and the price of it.

    from emma xxx :clap:
  8. satcom2

    satcom2 Explorer

    Turkish bath

    I beleave the age limit is 16. as you go past reception down the corridor
    towards the shops there is a desk and that is were you book your turkish bath.

    Dave Satcom2 :wave:
  9. Emma

    Emma Explorer

    thanks very much for that!
    i will have to give it a go.

    from emma. :wave:

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