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turks, we religious people

Discussion in 'Talk about Turkey' started by cemeesti, Jul 27, 2004.

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  1. cemeesti

    cemeesti Fan

    hello everyone again :)

    i just came back from kusadasi... hmms honestly i didn't like there so much but despite of that i am glad that you love there !!

    i just read an article about a teenage turkish girl who had punishment from her school in the UK with 2 greek and 1 british girls too.


    just as i remind to people who thinks that we turks are religious
  2. cemeesti these kind of things happen in all over the world. Please don't just blame England about it. We also do not want to get involved with these kind of arguments. All of the world knows that Turkey is a secular country.
  3. Susanc

    Susanc Addict


    Hi Cemeesti,

    Sue here from Dublin why did you not like kusadasi I am there on sunday and thanks for the news item but its all in turkish any chance of getting the item in English. I am only learning turkish ya la al
  4. cemeesti

    cemeesti Fan


    well unfortunaly it's not right that all people believe that we are a secular country.

    last year i was in switzerland and there were some swiss people who was suprising that i know to speak english also they were asking me silly questions about turkey.

    also i think you know, when sertab erener had a guest in a tv program in germany, again she had to answer "silly" questions like "is it a problem to be a woman singer in turkey??"

    and i watch german and other foreign tv channels oftenly and they are having any program about turkey, they are only showing places like eminönü etc and they only show women who wear islamic style...
  5. Umit

    Umit Veteran Staff Member

    Re: secular

    Crap...There are lots of forum members here all arround the world. Let us see what they think about it. i am sure they all know Turkey is a secular and modern country.
  6. Do I think Turkey is a secular and modern country...Yes of course i do!

    Its not all about religion like some other countries in the world.

    Also why did you bring this up on the forum...We want to hear nice things about Kusadasi not about religion.
  7. **claire**

    **claire** Super Moderator

    I think anyone who has ever visited Turkey will realise that it is a secular country!!

    maybe some people do still have 'old fashioned' views?? these are the type of people who are not needed as visitors anyway!!
  8. Susanc

    Susanc Addict


    Every country all over the world has some who hold old fashioned beliefs and we have to respect that. People that make silly tunnell visioned views about any country are just not educated enough . Its not worth getting upset about as Ireland is no different. People are what maketh a country not politics or religion. Lets be happy to be different (only slightly in our beliefs) and happy in the knowledge that we can get on with people throughout the world regarless of creed or whatever.


    sue :clap:
  9. "Mankind is a single body and each nation a part of that body. We must never say 'What does it matter to me if some part of the world is ailing?' If there is such an illness, we must concern ourselves with it as though we were having that illness."

    Peace at Home,
    Peace in the World

    Mustafa Kemal Ataturk
  10. cemeesti

    cemeesti Fan

    well Mankind is a single body and europeans are the lucky part of that flesh but not africans :p

    2nd thing, as claire said, anyone who has ever visited Turkey will realise that it is a secular country so i hope we will welcome more people here to show about here.. but still most of people on rest of europe is very ignorant about turkey.

    but i am sure that will change in close future...

    ... just this year, i really don't know about the statisticals, but here, istanbul is full of foriegn people who came here for their vocations. much as i haven't seen in my life before. things are getting better..!

    and i hope that one day, turkish people who are in europe will be respected as much as foreign people is respected here.

    ..... and kusadasi_carly.. i got what do you mean and i think you are right

    let's close the topic
  11. Great!

    Thank you :clap:
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