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Turkish food

Discussion in 'Travel Talk' started by **claire**, May 25, 2004.

  1. **claire**

    **claire** Super Moderator

    So many of us go to Turkey and are scared to try the local cuisine.

    I think this is because we do not know what to expect!
    The Turkish Cuisine is very tasty, and i think we are missing a part of the Turkish experience if we do not try different things.
    here are a few items i would recommend:

    pide - a turkish style Pizza

    Meze - similar to spanish tapas, they are small servings of delicious snacks, like borek (flaky pastry filled with cheese or meat) and cacik ( yoghurt with garlic, mint & cucumber)

    Kofte - grilled lamb meatballs with onions & spices

    Musakka -aubergine (eggplant) and lamb pie

    baklava - flaky pastry with honey & nuts (very sweet!!)

    cay - tea (served with out milk, in small tulip shaped glasses)

    ayran - yoghurt drink

    This is just a few of my favorites (i appologise if i have spelt them wrong ;) )

    Please add some of your favorites 8)
  2. SpicyLady

    SpicyLady Fan

    I love Turkish Kebab!...

    Also I love Turkish delight. What a nice article Claire!
  3. I LOVE MEZE!! :cheesy: especially from Akyar Restaurant...Ohh sooo good! :razz:
  4. I love Pide, they r so tasty.
    If u want a good pide i suggest that u go too a local restaurent called Alo 24, They have many diffirent pide there.
    I think it's a shame if people go too turkey and dont try a turkishmeal, cause they r missing out on some great food.

    xxx C xxx
  5. I wish you could find all Turkish food in the restaurants but unluckly you can't. Actually the food you see in the restaurants are not even 10% of Turkish cusuine. I wish you could have the chanse to eat in a turkish home. They really taste much much better than in the restaurants. I can invite anybody who wants to take that chanse. My mum is really a great cook.
  6. turquoise

    turquoise Explorer

    I could't agree more

    Hi Claire,
    I couldn't agree more. Under my post 'do try this at home" a gave a simple recipe for Ayran. I would love to get the visitors to try the Turkish
    cuisine, it is so rich. You don't go traveling to eat fish and chips and burgers?
    The invitation from VivaKusadasi is wonderful. I never had the opportunity to eat in a Turkish home. Be careful Viva, otherwise mama will be cooking for us the whole summer!
    There is a Dutch expression: What the peasant doesn't know, he doesn't eat. We are no peasants, we want to taste.
  7. Any time turquoise... Just leave me a message when you feel like going home...
  8. bEaCh BoY

    bEaCh BoY Fan

    I love turkish food!!
    There is turkish restaurant in my town... They have a great selection and they cook home made kind-a-meals too..a huge selection of vegetables with olive oil.. I try different things and love um all..cacik is my favorite.. And deserts.. hmmm.. yummy :razz:
  9. rincewind

    rincewind Explorer

    Re: I could't agree more

    :lol: :lol:
    Hi Turquoise

    I knew that Germans and Dutch are very close relatives... your expression proves it :D :D because we have the same quote over here...

    But there's another one...
    "If the peasant cannot swim, he blames the bathing trunks and the water wouldn't be as well either"

    oh by the way and for getting not off topic:
    I love turkish food, too. We have serveral turkish restaurants around that
    are simply delicious!!!

    Greetings to all

  10. esso

    esso Fan

    what are the prices for this goodies in usd(aproximately)?
  11. Mella

    Mella Administrator Staff Member

    When in Rome, an all that...

    My favorite Turkish food is GOZLEME! :cool: I just love it!

    I also love Pide too. Mhmm, so yummie!

    I went to this Turkish place that had a really nice buffet, the food was so delicious but I can't remember the names of things! :doh:

    When I was in Kusadasi, I was stood next to this girl and she was saying to her mother in a Brummie accent ''Mum, I don't want to eat this Turkish food..I just want chips, peas and gravy'' :D I hate people like that. Why eat things you can eat everyday at home, try something new!
  12. Shannon

    Shannon Addict

    Actually i love all of the above, i coudnt give you a name cos i havnt a clue but ive eaten so much Turkish Food while living with Sami's family and its so healthy and delicious!

    Also Mella i agree with you, try something new for crying out loud! They eat so much healthier than we do! Salad with brekkie dinner and tea, i always loose weight over there!
  13. Selina

    Selina Explorer

    My fav must be meneme, some sort of omelet with tomatos, peppers and all sorts of other veggies, prepared like a stew. Very good! And also gozleme is one of my favorites. Also had a homecooked meal and haven't got a clue what it was called, but it was extremely tasty! :bigok:
  14. **claire**

    **claire** Super Moderator

    I know what you mean shannon, when im at Ozgurs familys house, we always eat such delicious food, but nealry always pretty simple stuff, beans cooked with garlic & tomatoes, Rice (the best rice i have ever eaten) salad & gorgeous homemade bread. im not sure about the healthy part tho ... oil & butter is used in everything!!:doh:
  15. Shannon

    Shannon Addict

    Yeah thats true hon ha ha, but i swear i always feel so full when i eat there. And theres like a schedule isnt there ha ha.

    Breakfast between 10-11 am and we have bread, cheese, egg, olives, tomatoes, cucumber, salami, honey and home made jams made by Sami's sisters (yummers). I swear they are the best cooks in the world!

    Then lunch is usually between 2-3 and we could have anything for lunch (i always asked for pastas)! But they make all sorts of things.

    And then dinner ill be between 6-8 in the evening.

    I alway feel so full and i never fel the need to snack like i do in Ireland. Yet in between their meals they will snack on walnuts and fruits (how healthy) and sometimes cakes (naughty :p ).

    The food is divine thought isnt it Claire. I think to experience it fully you have to live with the family and have their homecooked meals with them like we have!
  16. Mella

    Mella Administrator Staff Member

    *Mouth waters* God Shan, way to make a girl feel hungry!

    That all sounds so delicious!
  17. **claire**

    **claire** Super Moderator

    Lol shannon!!

    I know exactly what you mean, i was forever asking Ozgur to tell his mother & sisters that i cant possibly eat that much :D

    everytime we sat down fruit,(especially watermelon & cherrys) nuts, seeds, cakes, cay, etc was placed in front of us.

    & home made jams .... yum!!!! i can taste them know! fresh strawberry jam with huge lumps of strawberrys .... i think the family thought i was a bit strange, as all i would eat fro breakfast was the bread & jam! my idea of heaven!! :)
  18. Shannon

    Shannon Addict

    Ha ha im so with you on that Claire, even if we popped out for 2 minutes when we came back it was assumed we were starving even if wed only eaten an hour before and cakes and fruits and nuts and cay were put down in front of us! I swear there were times i really really thought i was gonna explode in that house with the amount of food i ate ha ha!
  19. Angel

    Angel Agape

    I totally agree with you. I'm so happy that my very first experience with Turkish cuisine was authentic and homecooked.:) Now I'm also in love with the foods of Turkey.:inlove:
  20. Eline

    Eline Addict

    You all have to try the Tomato Soup with Cheese at Alo 24, BEST in allllll Kusadasi !!! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    BTW you order Dolmates sjup, ore something like that....LOL :D

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