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Turkish citizenship - applying for Turkish nationality

Discussion in 'Expat Forum' started by sila, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. sila

    sila Fan

    ally asked a question that sparked off some more question on my part. I cant say i will be doing this in 5 years time that all depends on my situation with my turkish man but out of interest..
    AM i right in thinking that you can apply for Turkish citizenship once you have had a residency permit for 5 years and complete a Turkish language test?
    and if you marry a Turkish citizen it only takes 3 years before you can apply?

    this is what i found on the Turkish consulate website
    According to Turkish Nationality Act (numbered 403), a foreigner should meet the following requirements in order to apply for Turkish nationality.

    *He/She should be at the age of consent according to his/her national law (if he/she is not a citizen of any country, Turkish law is taken into consideration which requires 18 years old as the age of consent).
    *He/She should reside in Turkey for the last five years and should have the intention of settling in Turkey (This condition may not be applicable to those who are married to a Turkish national or those who are with Turkish origin).
    *He/She should be in good health.
    *He/She should speak Turkish.
    *He/She should have enough financial resources to support himself/herself and his/her family in Turkey.

    If you meet the conditions above, you can apply to obtain Turkish nationality. Application can be made through this Consulate General or the local Governor's office in Turkey with the following documents.

    it does not mention the rules if you are married and your spouse is Turkish,
    can any one confirm what happens then?
  2. zeytin

    zeytin Connoisseur

    Thanks for that info sila, do you know how much it costs?
  3. ben

    ben Black Knight

    Does anyone Know the costs involved?
    (Looks like we both had the same idea but how do you completly remove a post?)
  4. Incredibly there's no cost!

    At the moment, the rule is if you are married to a Turk, you can apply after 3 years (even if you reside in the UK) but I have heard this could be changing to 5 years, although I don't know when.

    The only costs involved are translation fees of your passport, and notary fees.
  5. zeytin

    zeytin Connoisseur

    Jeeez, no cost, hang on while i pick myself up of the floor:D Thanks for the info.
  6. Mella

    Mella Administrator Staff Member

    There's an interesting article in Todays Zaman.

    Continues: Turkish citizenship: residing without interruption
  7. anzac

    anzac Fan

    I wonder if Time in Residency can only be claimed if you are in receipt of a Residents Permit? I spent my first 12 months in Turkey on tourist visas before finally getting a residents permit so can I use that 12 months towards my 5 years required that I must be a resident here?

    Another Thought - Sugar-baby, so if you are married to a citizen then it doesnt really matter about the time you spend in Turkey you only need to be married for 3 years wherever in the world you are, fit the rest of the criteria and you can apply?
  8. I am married to a Turk and was able to get mine although I could not prove the above.

    The language requirement is less strictly applied if you are married to a Turk, I had to speak a bit but it was by no means enough to establish that I could 'speak' Turkish. In fact, if you ask most people I know they will say I can't speak Turkish, although I am very slowly improving.

    I also didn't have to show any financial records at all, they were happy that I planned to work and asked me about my plans, how I would achieve them and asked (but not for proof) of the qualifications I had that woud allow me to do it.

    There was a cost for us for applying but don't rush out for the bank loan as it was just 90ytl. Maybe they have done away with this, or maybe it was a rip-off from the clerk involved but even if so I really don't care as her help was worth 10 times that amount.
  9. Yes, from what I understand this is the case, although of course you would need to verify this with the correct authorities.

    I do think they are a lot more lenient if you are married to a Turk. I haven't had to provide any financial records for example.

    HTH, Jo.
  10. cj12

    cj12 Fan

    Just to confirm..if you have a residents permit, are you legally allowed to work?
  11. ally

    ally Rose of Kusadasi

    No. A Residency Permit and a Work Permit are two different things. Although if you apply for turkish citizenship after 5 years and are accepted, then you are allowed to work plus you wont need a work permit.
  12. Like Ally said, they are 2 seperate permits BUT you need a minimum of 1-year residents permit in order for your employer to apply for a work visa for you.
  13. Flo1967

    Flo1967 Addict

    No you still need to get a work permit I'm afraid
  14. chelsea71

    chelsea71 Explorer

    I was told by the Vergi office that it did'nt matter how long ive had a Residence Visa............(had mine for 6yrs)I still have to be married for 3 yrs before i can apply for my turkish kimlik.
  15. ally

    ally Rose of Kusadasi

    Claire, if you have a Residency Permit for at least 5yrs without interruption then you can apply for a Citizenship; I've read on another forum of people doing this.

    But you're right about obtaining citizenship 3yrs after you're married; that applies to people also living outside Turkey.
  16. chelsea71

    chelsea71 Explorer

    Do you mean without leaving the country at all??
  17. ally

    ally Rose of Kusadasi

    I don't know how they define "without interruption"...you should ask at the Nufus Dairesi or at the Foreign Dept at the old police station.
  18. cj12

    cj12 Fan

    So flipping complicated :( Wonder how or if any changes will be made, if Turkey enter the EU. Opening borders etc etc, freedom to work and travel throughout the EU!!
  19. sila

    sila Fan

    Thank you i have read through all your replies and each answer and question asked
    has helped me further. I find the turkish system very difficult to understand
    what with the different rules to do with permits you need and how you
    can start your own business but not even work in it.
    I set a moving date of April 2009 and ideally i have come to the conclusion i
    want to work i dont think i will be able to support myself without doing so.
    from reading your posts am i right in thinking under no circumstances
    will i be able to work for the first year because i need to have a valid residents visa
    before anyone will apply for a work visa for me?
  20. No sorry Sila, maybe I didn't word my reply very clearly.

    If you find employment and an employer willing to apply for a work permit for you, you can do that as soon as you have your 1 year resident's permit. What I was trying to say was, there are resident's permits you can get for 3 months, 6 months (maybe 9 months...not sure??) but you can't apply for work permit with those.

    You have to have a 1 year permit to make the application, not actually have lived here for a year. At least this is what I was told when I worked in a school. Even though my contract was only for 6 months, I still had to have a 1 year resident's permit to allow the school to apply for my work permit.

    So hopefully, if you are fortunate enough to find a job, you should be able to start working straight away- I was allowed to actually start my contract as soon as the permit had been applied for, even before it was approved.

    Hope that clears things up a little for you, and good luck.
    Jo xx

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