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Turkish bread

Discussion in 'Talk about Turkey' started by Chrisadasi, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. Alice x

    Alice x Expert

    turkish bread is really good, i try not to eat too much of it but i like it in the morning with honey and turkish tea.
  2. pajoe

    pajoe Connoisseur

    Its much easier for me to go to Davutlar....................:w00t:
  3. da smell of turkish bread mmmmmm
  4. Bubble

    Bubble Fan

    Turkish bread is gorgeous, i love the pide bread with cheese .... there is nothing else id rather eat.
  5. Zoebo

    Zoebo Fan

    Turkish bread is lovely i love the inflated bread they give you in restaurants, sorry i dont know the proper name i tried to search for recipes but i didnt have much luck does anyone know how to make it?
  6. zeytin

    zeytin Connoisseur

    I,m sure its just giant pitta bread, thats what it tastes like, anyway:)
  7. Fleur

    Fleur Connoisseur

    You mean lavaş !!
    Actually, I don't think Turkish bread is nice as it used to be.
    The best bread I have ever eaten was on North Cyprus.
    Don't eat too much though, it is very fattening.
  8. Waverley

    Waverley Expert

    I enjoy Turkish bread but disagree that you can't get good bread in the Uk. And for variety we are really spoilt. You have to support your local shops like the Turkish people do. I love batch bread (sometimes called plain bread), stoneground wholemeal, the little cottager loaves that are all floury on top, multigrain and seeded batch bread, oat bread. Close to work I can also get polish black bread, rye bread, italian bread and of course baguettes and vienna loaves. The small rolls are also great everything from baps, to floury, breakfast, little crusty ones and the small loaves.
    I think its great that even the corner shops in Turkey sell fresh yeast, i love to make all sorts of bread, by hand not machine, I find it very therapeutic and calming, but I bet I would get much better results with fresh yeast.
  9. Dan Druff

    Dan Druff Kusadasi Enthusiast

    At last someone who is not wearing Kuşadası rose tinted glasses! Good on you Waverly. There are wonderful breads made all over the world, Turkey doesn't have the patent. Each country has it's own applications for bread. For example, how could you make sandwiches with Turkish bread. An English Sandwich or farmhouse loaf is the perfect basis for a thinly sliced tomato or cucumber sandwich with a slight sprinkling of salt... absolute heaven! At a stretch, one could possibly make a French onion soup with Turkish bread but a real French loaf cannot be beaten for this purpose. Also don't knock the humble bread machine; it;s so easy to use and from our numerous experiments with different methods and ingredients we have discovered that the most delicious result is using a basic loaf recipe (From the instruction book) with the addition of dried fenugreek leaves. (Çemen), which are easily grown here from seed in your back garden.
  10. zeytin

    zeytin Connoisseur

    I loved the crusty cobs from sayers mmmmm delish with butter, corned beef and brown sauce. and the homemade granary bread, there,s loads of lovely bread in the uk. Well, there is in the North west anyway. Mavis
  11. Waverley

    Waverley Expert


    Not knocking the bread machine... its a great invention, I just love making bread by hand, the whole kneading and knocking back process, takes time but it is also great for stress relief. I just enjoy it. It reminds me that in my rather hectic life, some things are worth taking time over.

    I do some nice variations like onion bread and garlic, also differnent fruits and seeds.
  12. Fleur

    Fleur Connoisseur

    Zeytin, is Sayers still in business?
  13. zeytin

    zeytin Connoisseur

    I,m not really sure! now that youve asked, couldnt say i noticed the shop sign (6 weeks ago) when i was there, But it was still a bakers and still had the crusty cobs:) Mavis
  14. calla8

    calla8 Explorer

    Dear Chrisadasi.
    I am from denmark and we have some turkish shops and they have the bread you are talking abouth,it is good.
    Maybe you have a turkish shop close to you.
    calla8 god speed. :)
  15. Ray Styer

    Ray Styer Explorer

    I was stationed in Turkey in 1964. Of all the memories that I cherish, aside from the lovely English girl that I was dating, was the bread. I have never tasted bread like that anywhere else in the world. I would love to find a recipe that would duplicate that wonderful bread.
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