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Discussion in 'Other Resorts of Turkey' started by bubz, Jun 12, 2004.

  1. bubz

    bubz Explorer

  2. Umit

    Umit Veteran Staff Member

    Agreed...Try also Marmaris-Icmeler.
  3. Tryed Bodrum, didn't like it though..... Maybe it's bcause i was there in the beginning of the season, i dont know, but i didn't have fun at all :cry:
  4. Umit

    Umit Veteran Staff Member

    I dont like Bodrum too :)
    But i love Marmaris-icmeler.

    Of course my first favorite place is Kusadasi.
  5. bEaCh BoY

    bEaCh BoY Fan

    Kusadasi is the best, Period.
  6. :cheesy: I couldn't agree with u more on that
  7. Julie

    Julie Explorer

    any fun paople going to the gumbet /bodrum

    hi we are 2 guys going for some fun in the sun we are going to the harmony hotel the 17th of this month june hope there are some people that have heard of this hotel thanks
    :D this is a fun site my sis is on so keep on the good work
  8. PISSY

    PISSY Explorer

    Evet, i was in Gumbet this summer and also Bodrum .I stayed in at Sami Plaza in Gumbet and everything was fantastic, all day long SumerLove, Danzel and Usher, the food, some shops ( see Oasis).
    Have u been to Marina Boat? I went when Dj Sasha mixed and it was like wow..and what about Halikarnas? Did u liked it? For me it was awesome !
  9. cherry

    cherry Fan

  10. Bilge

    Bilge Fan


  11. lol hes fineeee ma pals went 2 c him in concert i was goin till a saw the date an a was goin on holiday uffffffff lol
  12. shellie

    shellie Explorer

    i went gumbet and i stayed in baba hotel! it was fantastic! the bar street was a 24 hour rave! if u go there go to shacker and x bar! trust me u will love it!.... i also did jet skiing twice and paragliding once.... FANTASTIC HOLIDAY!
  13. Mella

    Mella Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah i went to Gumbet at the end of my holiday...it was Mad! so sooo busy...

    Welcome to the forum Shellie, my fellow Essex Girl!! :D

    Mel xx
  14. kirsty

    kirsty Fan

    hi carmella whats it like in gumbet, i have only ever been to kusadasi im not sure about trying other parts of turkey just incase i don't like it, at least i know im going to have a brill time when im going to kusadasi
  15. Mella

    Mella Administrator Staff Member

    Well it is a suburb of Bodrum. But Gumbet has grown to become a resort in its own right, with its own special character and appeal.
    It has a lovely long sandy beach which is undoubtedly a great attraction, but it's the combination of the sea, sun, and thriving nightlife that makes Gumbet so popular.

    The center of Gumbet reaaallllly comes alive at night with several Km's of lights in every conceivable color stretched around almost every building, restaurant and disco bar. Flashing neon lights are everywhere trying to appeal to people in a final attempt to lure the passing tourists in. There is a wide variety of pubs, bars and discos on offer there, while restaurants tempt the unwary with promises of Chinese, Indian, Italian, Mexican, Japanese, Thai and even Turkish food, all from the same kitchen. It's very hustle and bustle. I didn't really see any quiet parts.

    It's an alright place. I might have liked it if i'd gone their first. But i went to Kusadasi first so Bodrum & Gumbet aren't high up in my estimations compared to Kus. I doubt i would go back again.
    I totally understand what you mean about being worried to go elsewhere incase you don't like it as much. I wouldn't really reccommend going to Gumbet then. But i guess it's personal choice and you won't know, unless you try it for yourself. :)

  16. kirsty

    kirsty Fan

    thanks for that information mella, i think im just going to stick with kusadasi then
  17. tinkerbink

    tinkerbink Explorer


    hi,anyone know of any cheap pensions or hostels in gumbet?thanks :D
  18. glitterqueen

    glitterqueen Explorer

    hi, i am going to gumbet and staying in the siesta hotel on the 13th june, has anyone stayed there before??

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