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Tur Hotel

Discussion in 'Hotel Reviews and Questions' started by chocolatehoney, Dec 12, 2004.

  1. Ive stayed in this hotel 5 times now and i absolutely love the place

    Its a small family fun hotel with a real home from home feel about the place.

    The rooms are quite basic, but have everything u need while u are on holiday (bed, shower, toilet ect..) They are very clean and the cleaners come every day during your stay there.

    There is a decent sized pool with plenty of sun loungers and a pool bar, which sells snax through the day as well as drinks. They also have an indoor area to dine where they serve lots of different varieties of foods all at cheap prices. In this area there is also a large screen TV. The bar is open 24 hours which is always a good thing when bar street is closed!! :cheesy: The reception is also open 24 hours!

    As for the staff they are brilliant and really cant do enough for u!

    I would highly recommend this hotel!!!!!!!!
  2. Andrea

    Andrea Member

    how close is it to bar street. the hotel i stayed in was the atli i thought it was excellent.
  3. Tur is not far from atli actually. Its up near the top end of the friday market, just around the corner from a restaurant called albertos. Heard some good reports about the atli too. Always look nice when ive walked past it! x x
  4. dj yats

    dj yats Fan

    :D Hi my first post - We are returning to Kusadasi for the second time our first time being 19 years ago , we are stopping in this hotel i have heard some good reports but they all say there is no air cond. do they rent fans ? cant wait to see the changes. ps we stopped in the hotel vic 19 years ago - bet its not there now :confused:
  5. Mavi

    Mavi Glaswegian G├╝zeli

    Hi and welcome to the forum DJ Yats, I am sure you will see many changes in Kusadasi if you havent been for 19 years...
  6. hi all,i stayed there a couple of years bk,luved it so much going bk in july for 2 weeks.

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