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Tropiciana Garden Hotel- An Irish Review

Discussion in 'Hotel Reviews and Questions' started by Mc Shapes, Jul 21, 2004.

  1. Mc Shapes

    Mc Shapes Explorer

    Greetings all!

    Kusadasi Guy asked me to write a review on the Tropicana Garden Hotel, so here ya are!

    Thankfully they have taken down the tacky Neon Sign off the roof that was very visible on their web site! The hotel has three floors and no lift but that is not a major problem. It is spotless; you could eat your dinner off the floor of the loo if you wanted to (although not advised!). There are three bars in the Hotel, one poolside, one just off the lobby and a basement bar. The pool is “plenty big” with an abundance of sun loungers neatly arranged around it. The bedrooms are comfortable but usually twins and, like everything else in the hotel, they are spotless. Enough about the building! What makes the Tropicana Garden Hotel is the staff! Do not make a general enquiry from these guys like “Can you get HP Sauce in Kusadasi?”, they will be away like scalded cats heading down the town to locate a bottle of sauce for ya!

    Shack (as in ”Love Shack”) is the man who looks after the entertainment for ya and believe me he would chance just about any sort of caper to get a laugh out of the guests. On a daily basis there is water polo and all sorts of pool games going on. In the evening it kicks off about nine with comedy sketches, unicycle riders, break dancers, just about anything you could think of. Tuesday is Barbecue night and after you are fed you can sit back and watch belly dancers do there stuff!

    The restaurant is the territory of Mesut, he is the Restaurant Manager, a top man if ever you came across one! He is constantly on the go making sure that you are completely satisfied…..If you are not, god help the Chef! For Sea Food lovers, go for the Sea Bass on the bone! It is fantastic and reasonably priced for what you are getting, be hungry, be very hungry!

    In the lobby bar you will find Mehmit, a man with a deep love of his country and happy to extend the hand of friendship to all newcomers! He works a twelve hour shift in the bar so if you want a bottle of Efes at six in the morning, he is happy to oblige.

    In reception you have Samie, a wee pet if ever there was one. Anything you need help with, she is your woman!

    Enjoy folks, wherever you end up!


    A Cara
    Garóid. 8)
  2. **claire**

    **claire** Super Moderator

    Very informative review Mcshapes!!

    I think you should get a job with the Kusadasi tourist board!!! ;)

    I think you will have people bombarding the hotel to make reservations!!!

    :clap: Nice one!!! :clap:
  3. kusrose

    kusrose Fan

    Hi McShapes,

    I'm also a fan of Tropicana Garden Hotel and you describe it really well. I didn't know they had a website until i read your post. I've tried doing numerous searches on the net but can't find the site so I wondered if you could post the address on here or send it to me by email, please ? Thanks in advance. it's 2 years since my family and i have been to the hotel and we still talk about it. Circumstances have prevented us from returning up to now but I live in hope that next year will see us back in Kusadasi. Something to look forward to over the very long, cold, wet, miserable Irish winter (which seems to last for most of the year !!!).

  4. Hi Guys, I'm new here and im going to kusadasi in august staying in the tropicana gardens, i'm in the holiday mood now and your making it sound like it's gonna be the best two weeks of my life. Is there any other tips you can give me.... Thks. :)
  5. Umit

    Umit Veteran Staff Member

    Hi Limerick, welcome to the forum ;)

    You are coming a great hotel, you will love the garden!

    You may need to introduce yourself at

    and you may find useful informations in threads and also you may ask your questions in appropriate sections ;)

    Enjoy your stay
  6. **claire**

    **claire** Super Moderator

  7. Thanks claire! So is anybody headin to the tropicana this summer?
  8. Andrea

    Andrea Member

    welcome to the forum kevin
  9. Thanks a lot guys......

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