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Tropicano Kustur Hotel Club

Discussion in 'Hotel Reviews and Questions' started by Croushy, Oct 19, 2004.

  1. Croushy

    Croushy Fan

    I wanna talk about Tropicano Kustur Hôtel Club. I go there since 4 years now, but especially this year, it has changed. Until last year, it was a francophone hôtel, the customers were french, belge and turkish. Animation was into french and turkish. Some of the rooms were very ugly, and it was half-pension with a bad food quality. But if you were in a nice room, and if you went often out to eat, it was very pleasant! And now, how is it?

    You must know that its situation is 4 km in the north of Kusadasi, not far from Adaland, Efes and Selçuk. In its area, you can see Prince Ada hôtel, Pygale, Tusan, etc... There are four little bars in a street in Kustur's neighborhood, maybe you know one of them : Tulip Lale Restaurant! And there is also an open air disco, which is called "Havanna" on a little hill near the see. But out-of-season, there bars and discos are not busy because of All Inclusive formule in Tropicano Kustur and Prince Ada hôtels...

    Tropicano is very big. There are 460 rooms inside, where 1000 persons can sleep. The enter is very big, with a good security staff, and there is a reception, bigger than lots i've ever seen. But the lad is not very nice! First, they just speak english, but what an English! I was scared first time i heard them. Worse than me! Second, i sent them telecopies from France each time i went there (2 this year), to have a room near the reception or near the swimming pool. Each time, when i arrived at 5 am, a little bit tired, they gave me keys for a room far, very far, on a hill : i had to walk 15 minutes from my room to the reception! I changed it the first time, but the second time they said me "i don't care about your telecopy, it's not my problem!". During 3 weeks, i had lots of problems with them, they didn't want to give me what i asked, they called me in my room at 5 am saying "croushy! come to the reception, i have music, you can go dancin' here!", they said 3 times to one of my girlfriend "you're not from this hotel" etc.... Reception was a nightmare for me!

    But the rooms were very nice : you can find them in little one-or-two-floors , white or red, bungalows, in a big park with lots of plants and flowers. They are big, with Tv and sattelite, hair-drier, air-conditionning, shower or bath-room, balcony or terace. I've been in all sorts of rooms there, and i can tell you they're very nice, especially the new ones, in red bungalows.

    There is a principal restaurant for breakfast (til 10 am), late breakfast (til 11 am), lunch (from 1 to 2 pm) and dinner (from 7.30 to 9.30 pm). 1000 persons can eat there. There is not lots of choice, but the food quality is correct. You can also eat 1 time in a week in A LA CARTE Restaurant, which has sea food and Turkish food. In the day, you can eat pizzas, cakes, gözleme, and snack. All is free, of course.

    Let's talk about ALL INCLUSIVE formule. It's very interesting, all soft drinks are free like Cola, 7up, Fanta, Tang etc... But real Fruit juice is not inclusive, i think. Alcohol is free too but not imported drinks like whiskey etc. You can drink free Vodka, bier, Gin and Raki with all sodas you want. There is a Café Sport, where you can drink and eat small sandwiches all the day and all the night! Drinks in Santana Disco, inside the hôtel are free too until 2 am.

    You can see inside the hotel hairdresser, a little bit expensive but a very well work, shops, internet room, tv room, sport room... There is an animation team too. They speak into french, english, turkish, german, russian and bulgarian. They are 12 or 13, and very energic. All the day, there are crazy games, pool games, shooting, water polo, aquagym, aerobic, step, club dances etc... They are very friendly, and at night, it's time to start the show, at a big open-air amphiteater. They're really professional and the night goes on at 11.30 pm, at Santanna Disco, small but friendly bar. You know, i prefer go to Bar Street, because seing all club's customers from morning to night...

    Let's finish with the beach. You can go here by an little underground passage open until 8 pm. There is a bar, where you can drink free, and you can have long chairs too. The beach has been cleaned up since last year, the sand is smallier, the atmosphere is better. But the beach is still too small for me! There is also a water sport diving with ringo, banana, jet ski, speet boat... Pedalo is free for all Kusutr's customers...

    This a a very nice hotel, with good atmosphere, nice animation and wonderful rooms. Room's price is 30 € for a night, but you can get promotions on web sites with flights includes. Don't hesitate! But i will write a letter because of the reception....*
  2. Umit

    Umit Veteran Staff Member

    Thank You so much Croushy, it's really helpful ;)
  3. Croushy

    Croushy Fan

    Thanx, it was very important for me to do this review, because I was in this hotel when i discovered Kusadasi 4 years ago; last ime, it was maybe the 10 th time I went there, I ve so many souvenirs in this hotel, and now it's better than than last year...
  4. just_nadia

    just_nadia Explorer

    THank you for the information!!Really helpful!I think im gonna visit that place.
    Greetings from Bulgaria!
  5. katie morris

    katie morris Explorer

    The Tulip Lale is not there any more it was knocked down any idea where it moved to. I was told bar street does any one know for sure

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