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Travelling To Cappadocia

Discussion in 'Travel Talk' started by Kusadasi girl, Nov 27, 2016.

  1. miketutun

    miketutun Expert

    Don't bother unless you like the call to prayer blasting out in every supermarket and forget a beer with your kebab !
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  2. peril

    peril Connoisseur

    Afyon or Konya miketutun? We stayed overnight in Konya about 10 years ago and admittedly didn't have beer- but there was no shortage of wine!
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  3. miketutun

    miketutun Expert

    We could only find alcohol in the hotel where we were staying.
  4. Umit

    Umit Veteran Staff Member

    OK, i am updating my route to Cappadocia;

    First stop: Safranbolu
    stay there a night.
    And move to Cappadocia next day. :thumbsup: :tup:
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  5. Zakhary

    Zakhary Explorer

    I flew to Cappadocia with my wife two years ago. Would love to go there again by car as well and show the beautiful places to my younger son. A friend of mine did the trip with his family with an overnight stop in Konya.

    Hopefully will make it happen too next year, as now we have a big plan to buy an apartment in Germany for our elder son, choosing at the moment: tranio.com/germany/apartments/. Guess will be much stress and expenses this summer. So, good luck in your trip and enjoy it!
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  6. jake 51

    jake 51 Veteran

    we love Cappadocia..might pay another visit ..
  7. Kusadasi girl

    Kusadasi girl Connoisseur

    Are these more of Mrs. Jake's photos? Fantastic!
  8. peril

    peril Connoisseur

    Very nice John- but you wouldn't get me up in one of those balloons!
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  9. jake 51

    jake 51 Veteran

    It was good a good experience P.done it once..would.nt do it again.up at 4 am when we did it to catch the sun coming up.very expensive also..probably that was down to insurance..but will certainly go back to Cappadocia.but will drive this time..
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2017
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