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Discussion in 'Travel Talk' started by SINEAD, Feb 2, 2005.


    SINEAD Explorer

    is topless sunbathing allowed
  2. Jenny

    Jenny Fan

    God yes!! I couldnt see any Turkish men having a problem with that..ha ha!

    SINEAD Explorer

    how about urself
  4. Oonie

    Oonie Fan

    Just be careful and don't make the mistake I made.

    There I was sunbathing in all my glory when I felt a bit peckish so I decided to eat a croissant. I didn't realise there were crumbs all over my boobs til a flock of birds started swooping at me!! Not very dignified :doh:

    You have been warned!!!
  5. **claire**

    **claire** Super Moderator

    To be honest .. i have never seen any women 'topless' on a beach in Kusadasi. I think it is frowned upon by the older generation. But i dont think it is illegal like in some countries.
  6. Jenny

    Jenny Fan

    I didnt when i was there because i was there at crimbo, but some people were on the beach tanning and stuff. I would sunbathe topless, not fond of white bits!!!
  7. Umit

    Umit Veteran Staff Member

    i have seen lots topless women in Kusadasi beaches especially in Long Beach.
  8. Jenny

    Jenny Fan

    AAHH Oonie that is priceless!! If that was me id loose my life i hate those big seagull things.
  9. Sonny

    Sonny Fan

    Oh I worked 5 years at the beach ..And I have seen so many topless ...And there are many girls sunbathing topless.
  10. Andrea

    Andrea Member

    ohh yes gorl u r well allowed to do it, and the turkish men will love it.
  11. Gecko

    Gecko Explorer

    yeah i've seen many women too in kusadasi and cesme...
    i usually prefer the roof of my villa. Tis so usefull for having a naked sunbath... ;)
  12. **claire**

    **claire** Super Moderator

    I must have walked around with my eyes closed!!! :doh:

    mind you .. it wasnt the girls i was watching!!! :confused:
  13. Bilge

    Bilge Fan

    is that a reason? they'd love me with my top on too...

    LOL, you took the words right outta my mouth
  14. Eline

    Eline Addict

    I think it is, my friend did that this summer at Ladies Beach but she didn't feel quit at ease...By the swimmingpool at the hotel it was no problem at all !!

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