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St Patrick's Day!

Discussion in 'Expat Forum' started by peril, Mar 16, 2017.

  1. peril

    peril Connoisseur

    A happy St Patrick's day to all- whether Irish or not. Enjoy our national day!:)
  2. jake 51

    jake 51 Veteran

    Celebrating Tonight at Malmia.s Restaurant in Protaras.10 Euros .First drink & Chicken Chips..& Live Music..
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  3. john d

    john d Addict

    Happy Paddy's day to all our friends in kusadasi will be watching gold cup t day hope cue card wins and have a few pints in my local here in Newcastle west and looking foreward to going in June take care
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  4. peril

    peril Connoisseur

    Oh hard luck John D - Cue card falling again at the same fence! Feeling a bit like willie Mullins myself - never the winner - only a place!
  5. sexyshirl

    sexyshirl Expert

    Loved this

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  6. peril

    peril Connoisseur

    Got that in one SS!
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  7. peril

    peril Connoisseur

    Our revered Taoiseach( prime minister)!

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