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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by ivana, Sep 28, 2004.

  1. ivana

    ivana Explorer

    unfortunately,you probably didn't meet any serbian people,because they are very how do I say narrow-minded,we think that the whole world hates us,that we are not good enough,cause we had lots of problems with other countries in the past,but,luckely,not all of us are like that.I'm always looking forward to meeting new people from different parts of the world.and this forum is so great,I love it.
    gaga and me are sending our photos from kusadasi to KUSADASI-guy and you can all see them soon.
    I hope... :cheesy:
  2. ivana

    ivana Explorer

    yeah,well,trust me,we all hate the country we live in cause it has no future for young people,it's poor and we used to have too many wars...
    but it's a sad to talk about it.
    no,we didn't win the EUROSONG contest,but we won second place and we are very proud because of that ;)
  3. ivana

    ivana Explorer

    and KUSADSASI-GUY , I can't believe You actually met Pedja Stojakovic,he's our best basketball player and he plays for NBA.That's so cool you met him and I hope You liked Serbian girls!!! :D
  4. ivana

    ivana Explorer

    ooops,sorry,you sad PEDJA PETROVIC,not STOJAKOVIC :oops:
    my mistake,I'm so ashamed
  5. ivana

    ivana Explorer

    of course you can do that,but it is very difficult situation here.for example,I am studing to become a doctor,the University is so hard,I always have billion of books to learn for my exam and doctors payments here are very small.you want believe me,but my mom is adoctor and her sallary is less than 300 euros per month. we can barely affort ourselves to visit some foreign country,I've never been anywhere,except turkey.
  6. ivana

    ivana Explorer

    I think I know this guy Pedja.Is this photo in front of ANOTHER BAR?
    I think I saw him this year,but I'm not quite sure.
  7. Umit

    Umit Veteran Staff Member

    nah, it's house of Virgin Mary.

    and working is just a cure for everything
  8. Gaga

    Gaga Explorer

    I don't know why everybody think so bad about Serbian people. We are just traing to subsist in hard tims. It is not so bad here.
  9. Gaga

    Gaga Explorer

    Ivana is wright about some things. We stady for 6 years, for funny pay.
    It is sad.
  10. bEaCh BoY

    bEaCh BoY Fan

    I think Serbia got all the attention, when they attacked Bosnia.. I condemn any use of military force against another country without a vital reason.( this goes for US too)

    I am sure you have nothing to do with this. Because of the brainless leaders, the whole country suffers..

    Don't worry.. The war is a past thing now..
    It doesn't matter where somebody is from, in order to like that person. We should like(love) others as human beings.

    Hehe what a speech.. :clap:
    *Carmella throws a shoe at Al for being so articulate*
  11. Mella

    Mella Administrator Staff Member

    *Throws a shoe @ Ali ba ba* :p

    But.....you're right. I agree with what you said. I think it's sad that because of what the country did.. has such a huge affect on what people think about Serbian people.

    Hell, i dislike Bush with a passion and i don't like what he's done, but i still like American people.
    My friend and I were in Spain, and some old Spanish lady was really rude to us in a shop and my friend was like ''Damn Spanish. They are such a rude nation'' But they're not. You can't base your opinions of one person and then make it your opinion of the whole country.
    You can't base your opinions of Serbia as a country just because of what the 'brainless leaders' did. That's just narrow mindedness at it's best.

    I've met people that absolutely detest German people...purely because of Hitler & the horrific things he did. It's ridiculous. Like they had any control over that.
  12. Gaga

    Gaga Explorer

    yeah i agree with you that you can't judge people by the country they live in,we had a horrible president and now we are suffering because of his stupidity and bad mouves,I also must say that we didn't atack Bosnia just like that,they also killed a lot of serbian people.Americans were throwing bombs on us for whole three months non-stop and they had absolutely no reason to interfere.I just think that they want to control everything and they are very cruel to other nations.But of course.I don't hate Americans,because Bush is obviosly no human!!!
  13. priest

    priest Explorer

    Hello from another Serb, me! Hey...let me tell you something. KUSADASI RULES! It's the best place on Earth! I've been there 3 times and can't wait this next summer to go there again!
  14. Peted1

    Peted1 Kusadasi Artist

    You know, all this talk of war just goes to show what a horrible lot we humans are in reality (doesn't matter what nationality). Throughout the ages, someone somewhere has been fighting, whether just a local conflict or a lets drag everyone in type scenario. But you have to remember that ALL politicians LOVE power and the more they can grab by whatever means the better. Why the H*LL can't we all just get on together (the Joe Blogg's of this world really don't want to fight anyone), we're all human irrespective of what nation we originate from. Lets get all the politicians to adopt John Lennon's song ...."GIVE PEACE A CHANCE" as a world anthem. Never happen, but hey, worth a try.
  15. priest

    priest Explorer


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