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Samos Island

Discussion in 'Travel Talk' started by Eline, Jan 19, 2005.

  1. Eline

    Eline Addict

    Hi you all,

    does anybody give me some info how it works to extent your visa by going 1 day from Kus to Samos?? Does it give any trouble when you come back?? :confused:

    Waiting to hear from you !! :)

    xxx Eline
  2. Hi Eline, my friend did that when she was down there for the season, she didnt have any problems with it, just went to samos for a day, and when she came back she had 3more months in Turkey.
    So i dont think it will be a problem for u either ;)
  3. lofty

    lofty Fan

    hey eline,

    just make sure you do it about a week before your visa runs out just incase theres any delays (bad weather preventing the boat from going out etc) as my friend got delayed until the last day of her existing visa and they charged her something like 80 million because they classed it as late.

    Also, make sure you take suncream or something because there is NO shade in samos apparently lol

    should be fine though, loadsa people do it.

  4. Mella

    Mella Administrator Staff Member

    I wanted to go over to Samos for the day, But was convinced not to. What is there to do in Samos exactly?
  5. How big is Samos? I heard that there is an aiport there and wondered if any of u had flown there then got the ferry to kus or does anyone know if this is actually possible? If so maybe it will be cheaper?
  6. **claire**

    **claire** Super Moderator

    You can do it, as i have a friend who does it every year (they holiday in Samos) I think Samos is more expensive to get to tho, as its such a small island.
  7. i went to samos last year n i hated it it was twice as expensive as kus and there was nothing to do wud never go again!!!
  8. Mella

    Mella Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah that's what i heard - there's sweet F.A to do there. Waste of a trip
  9. yeah loads of people told me it was rubbish but my mother wouldnt listen so after 2hours horrible sea sickness we ended up in that hole!!!!!in was right in the end!!!
  10. Eline

    Eline Addict

    Yeah, I also heard there is nothing to do, but I have to. I think it is the easiest way to get my 2nd visum !! Going back to Holland for a few day will cost me a whole lot more.


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