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Discussion in 'Travel Talk' started by kina1313, Jul 29, 2004.

  1. kina1313

    kina1313 Explorer



    You could be of immense help, as I've never been to kusadasi before !

    I have to choose between Hotel Club Anra (2*+, cheeaper) / Hotel Santur (3*, I understand it's close to the center) / Hotel Polat Beach (3*, about 4 km from center). What would you adivse ?

    If I go in the first half of September, will the weather still be good for genuine sunbaths and seabaths ?

  2. Umit

    Umit Veteran Staff Member

    Hello Kina,

    First off welcome to Kusadasi Forums and weather will be sunny in september, dont worry ;)

    You said 3 different hotels and they have very different characteristics. Polat Beach is just near the beach but 4 kms to city center, anra is 2*+ hotel but in the city center. i dont know very well santur hotel but it's also closer to city center.

    May i ask that will u come here with your family and do u have children?
  3. Santur hotel is just in the middle of the friday market. 30 seconds walk to the Dolmus station, 5 minutes of walk to the Bar Street. It is a good one. But I have never gone inside. So I can't say anything about the hospitality.

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