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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by yo-honey, Aug 19, 2004.

  1. yo-honey

    yo-honey Explorer

    hey, does anyone know if paradise bar has a website??? 8)
  2. wel a v been lookin n a cant find 1 so a dont think so :cry:
  3. Umit

    Umit Veteran Staff Member

    Thats right! They havent yet... But maybe i can take lots of pix and build a section in our website for them ;)

    And please be sure that kusadasi.biz 2005 version will be so different than current. Just we need more patience to wait...
  4. Sharon

    Sharon Fan

    what about kusadasi disco bar have they got a web site ?
  5. tippett

    tippett Fan

    i konw ive been trying to find one but im going there next week so im going to get one then reply back
  6. tippett

    tippett Fan

    sexy blonde

    how many times you been to kusdasi and what did you think of it
  7. Eline

    Eline Addict

    I don't think so, try to look for it eighter but can't find it.....
  8. tippett

    tippett Fan

    yes they have
  9. Umit

    Umit Veteran Staff Member

    so, whats the website address?
  10. Oh,please let me know if sombody finde a site of Paradise bar:)
  11. Tequila

    Tequila Fan

    No they havent got one thats for sure..but maybe i can tell them to make one for u ;)
  12. Croushy

    Croushy Fan

    One webpage on Kus.biz about Paradise... Yeah! It would be great!

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