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Must TO DO things in Kusadasi

Discussion in 'Travel Talk' started by Umit, Jun 4, 2004.

  1. Umit

    Umit Veteran Staff Member

    Hi all, let us discuss about "must TO DO things in Kusadasi". This thread may a guide for all of us especially new Kusadasi visitors.

    Here is my list;

    • 1- Go to Ephesus, Virgin Mary House and Artemis.
    • 2- Go to Ladies Beach and have dinner with sunset.
    • 3- Go to National Park
    • 4- Try out some of the bars and nightclubs.
    • 5- Swimming on one of the many beaches.

    I am waiting your lists ;)
  2. SpicyLady

    SpicyLady Fan

    1- Swim and have sunbath 8)
    2- Dance every night! :evil:
    3- Find a new BF :razz:
    4- Dont cry when you back to home :cry:
  3. arabian girl

    arabian girl Explorer

    I would like to spend my holiday in Kusadasi like this: hmmmm....let's see...

    1. to do as many excursions as I can

    2. to relax on the beach and to dance the night away in barstreet & beachclubs

    3. to learn more about the Turkish people, their culture and traditions

    4. not to stuff my stomach with junkfood, but real Turkish-cuisine (I luv Turkish food!)

    5. to make a lot of nice memories and retain them with my digi-cam

    6. to meet old friends again and make new ones

    7. and last but definetly not least....to pray in a Mosque

    till next week :wave: xx
  4. Burcu

    Burcu Explorer

    Here is the my list

    1- Go to Kusadasi
    2- Stay at Kusadasi
    3- Dont come back to home

  5. The things I 'must do' this holiday are...

    1. I must explore more...Not always stay on Ladies Beach!

    2. I MUST visit Bird Island

    3. I must keep my hotel room tidy aswell..because all my other holidays my room has been such a mess..I want to make it easy for the cleaners! 8)

    4. And most important I must enjoy myself as much as I always do in Kusadasi...the best place! :cheesy:
  6. Umit

    Umit Veteran Staff Member

    You are hilarious Burcu!
  7. **claire**

    **claire** Super Moderator

    Ok, this is hard!! ONLY 5 things!!

    (1) watch the sunset while enjoying a cocktail in one of the bars on Ladies Beach

    (2) Have a Turkish Bath!!!

    (3) Eat some traditional turkish food

    (4) RELAX, lie on the beach, read a good book, listen to my Mini disc player & forget all about home! 8)

    (5) Watch the sunrise, from my hotel balcony, over looking the sea. Very Peaceful!!!

    2-Do a lot of seightseeing, cause there are so many things too see in, and around Kusadasi

    3- Eat a lot of turkish food, cause it's the best :razz:

    4- Do a lot of shopping

    5- Go too as many diffirent beaches as possible, cause there r so many good once
  9. my list is ... :razz:

    going out and partyy!! :wave: :evil: :cheesy:

    sleep all day party all night lol :clap:
  10. Bluefly

    Bluefly Explorer

    Definetly take a Haman (Turkish bath, peeling, massage) the first day you arrive !!

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