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Mellisa Apart

Discussion in 'Hotel Reviews and Questions' started by jimmyderat, Jul 7, 2004.

  1. jimmyderat

    jimmyderat Explorer

    melissa apartments

    well heads,

    anyone know anythin about de melissa apartments ( not hotel ) in kusadasi.
    headin in 4 days ( winner ! ) and just wonderin what they're like.

    cheers :lol:
  2. Claire02

    Claire02 Explorer

    I have just returned from Kusadasi on Sunday and I stayed in the Melissa apartments.
    The apartments were lovely and clean, and they were cleaned everyday. There's a poorside bar and an Irish bar, which is open all night.
    They craic there is great, mainly because the apartments are full of Irish people and the staff are sooooo friendly!! They are great! You'll have a ood laugh with them and they remember EVERYONE!!
    At reception, the receptionist knows everyone who is staying there, and know's exactly what room you are staying in!
    Anyway, the apartments are quite close to the town, but there is a taxi rank right outside the aparts where there is always 2 taxis waiting and there is also a Dolmus stop, where a Dolmus comes every 2-3mins.

    So have a ball there!!
    Say Hi to Steve, Efe, Jack, Gabriel and Ugyur for me! You'll get the best craic out of them!
  3. maz

    maz Explorer

    i was jst der stayd in d mellisa apartments der gr8 i absolutely luvd it!!
    plz tak me bac wit u!!
    wen ur der ders a waiter der called steve and efe tel him marianne and niamh say hi!!we stayed in 202 and 203!!i hope he rememnbers us!! if u look in d book at d reception ul c our pictures der from d bbq!!show him k plz its real important!!
    thanx enjoy ur hols!!
  4. Asla

    Asla Fan

    Hiya Jimmy!

    Melissa are grand, basic but the bar stays open all night so all is good.

    Your only going for 4 days? Did you get a flight from Ireland for four days?! I have been searching for one only for a few days but cant seem to get one?
  5. paulied

    paulied Explorer

    im headin there on sunday for two weeks.anyone else going
  6. Podge

    Podge <strong style="color:#009900">Setanta</strong>

    he said he was going in 4 days, so he is over there now! wish you could get flights for just a few days but all i can find is 7, 10, and 14! such a pain!
  7. Mella

    Mella Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah in England the days are really restricted!!

    It's wierd - coz I was looking to book from Holland and they have deals for 5 days, 7 days, 13 days, 14 days, 15 days, 19 days, 21 days ect.

  8. Asla

    Asla Fan

    Oh :oops: Just read it really quck and got a bit excited!

    I should have been a school teacher then I would have the whole summer off and be able to go for MONTHS instead of every four months :( Very depressed now....
  9. hi everyone this is kanikas friend! jus back fromt he mellisaa last week had an absolute bal there! there was a crowd of us girls dere and we had some craic with the staff! i went out with the receptionist CALVIN! anyone know him! hahahah! hes a real nice fella! im goin back to kusadasi now in octomber cant wait! ul love melisaa say hi to steve murat ugar, ALI from kanika and andrea xx wb
  10. Laurel

    Laurel Fan

    Hi eveyone,
    Haven'y been around in ages im so busy with work im heading to the mellissa on sunday for two weeks yay cant wait was there last yr too there nice apartments

    L x :)
  11. JoJo

    JoJo Fan

    Hi everyone, i stayed at mellisa this yr aswell 25th July-31st July.. the apartments are great If anyone is going soon say hi to murat he is such a sweet man and he will look after you!!
  12. ah we just came wen u went..we got on well wit murat as well..hes good craic! always seen him in jimmys bar aswell after work
  13. JoJo

    JoJo Fan

    Yeah he used to meet us there when he finished wrk! he is a gud man and such a hard worker! Was there a crowd of dublin guys there one called danger and another 1 with a tatoo on his chest christ on a cross?
  14. i think ur on about boys that was there on our first week do u know there names?
  15. JoJo

    JoJo Fan

    I no one was called Danger as a nickname he had a gfriend with him... But i cant rem the other lads name. he had jusus on a cross tatooed on his chest.. he was mad as hell!!! We had a laugh with him on our 2nd nite there..
  16. aye a remember them..a couple of nites after bar st we sat up chattin to them for ages..they are mad lol good craic!

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