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Marrying a Turkish man

Discussion in 'Talk about Turkey' started by butterfly 67, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. butterfly 67

    butterfly 67 Explorer

    Hello, im very new to this, but need some help.. I have just arrived back from Antalya for the 4th time. I live in the U.K and i am with a turkish man, we want to get married, i want him to live in England as i cant move to Turkey because of family commitments.. Having read some information, i am totally confused with it all. Is it easier/better to get married in Turkey or The U.K. Can anyone give me any tips or help on the whole subject please :)
  2. I Know a lot of couples tend to have a wedding in both countries!
  3. Lez Zetli

    Lez Zetli Expert

    If you are going to live in England I can't think of any practical advantage of getting married in Turkey. If you marry in England you will have an English marriage certificate which you may need to show from time to time in the future in England so it will be easier for you. If you have a Turkish marriage certificate you will probably be required to have it officially translated every time you need to use it.

    If you want to invite wedding guests consider the difficulties and expense they will have if you want them to go to a different country. To avoid this couples often get married in one country and then have a ceremony (not a wedding - you can't marry twice) in the other.

    P.S You're probably not thinking about divorce at the moment :D but in the UK and in Turkey the divorce rate gives you a 50-50 chance of having one :(
    In this case you would find it a whole lot easier having an English marriage certificate as you would be going through the English legal system.

    I make no claim to be an expert in these matters so please get lots of other opinions :)
  4. Mavi

    Mavi Glaswegian Güzeli

    Marrying in Turkey gives you an International Marriage Licence that is written in ten languages (8 or 10) in the book already, including english so it doesnt need translated anywhere it is a legal official document.

    Marrying in Turkey may make visa application easier as you are then 'legally married'.

    Its much cheaper to have your wedding here, and you can always have a party in the UK for anyone who couldnt get over.

    Getting married in Turkey isnt difficult, just bring your certificate of non impediment which is your most important document and divorce papers if you have been prev married. The rest can be done here ie photo copies and photos etc. You will also need to visit the British Consulate on the week of your wedding (or before) to get your papers to take to the registrar.
  5. Lez Zetli

    Lez Zetli Expert

    That's interesting. Mine is a Turkish licence, not an international one. Perhaps that is something you have to specify at the time?
  6. Mavi

    Mavi Glaswegian Güzeli

    Really? Ive only ever seen the international ones given here.
  7. Mine is international too. Been married for 16 years and got married in Turkey. Like Mavi said, you can always have a knee's up when you are both back in the UK with family and friends. Only other point to make is: Has he done his Military Service? This wont affect you marrying, but could make getting a visa more questionable. Best of luck
  8. expatroy

    expatroy Connoisseur

    Didn't someone say you needed a blood test done before you could marry over here?:confused:
  9. ally

    ally Rose of Kusadasi

    As far as I know they're are all the same.
  10. Mavi

    Mavi Glaswegian Güzeli

    Yes you do, easy enough done in the clinic on the seafront
  11. butterfly 67

    butterfly 67 Explorer

    Thank you every for your feedback, mmm i thought it would be easier here too, as iv been told the paperwork to get married in turkey is alot to organise.. But thank you anyway it gives me lots of information ;-))))))

    Just want to add to Mandie that he has done his civil service a few yrs ago, so that is all done and dusted.. Iv got headache thinking about it, i have got him a job lined up here, so now we must start with the process, which is so mind boggling, because now there is also an U.K test he has to pass.. Life is never simple, but i keep reading and looking, only to have my mind more full of questions Arrrgghh.. ;-))) So now i have to check the correct visa, he to get passport, pass test and sort a wedding somewere... eek
  12. ally

    ally Rose of Kusadasi

    Getting a visa to get married in the UK is a worse headache than spending a few hours in Izmir at the Consulate to process your paperwork. When are you getting married..as I believe strict changes regarding UK Visas will be applicable from April.
  13. Flo1967

    Flo1967 Addict

    I agree with Ally, it's not too much hassle to arrange a marriage in Turkey, pretty straight forward really. Just make a list of everything you need to do and work through it.
  14. xxlisaxx

    xxlisaxx Explorer

  15. butterfly 67

    butterfly 67 Explorer

    Thank you uv given me something to work on, i think maybe later in the summer
  16. tonykearns

    tonykearns Addict

    Did you say "blood" or "brain", Roy
  17. Rolf

    Rolf Expert

    Naughty Naughty http://community.iamtravelr.com/styles/default/xenforo/smilies/biggrin.gif

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