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Locomotive Museum

Discussion in 'Travel Talk' started by bernsy77, Jul 10, 2016.


    KASTAMONU Connoisseur

    We spent a day there with pals on Friday (Sığacık) plus breakfast in Ozdere first then supper by the sea there on the way home via Gumuldur for a look & photos of the beach/views ... was an utterly fab day out & don't forget to sit in the 'ice cteam chairs' for an ice @ one of the ice cream gardens in Siğacık ... good fun & thenTurkish tea on board one of the little boats there B-) ... we had 6 days hol earlier this yr nr Teos ... loved every minute of that gorgeous area!
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  2. karinbea

    karinbea Connoisseur

    One of my fave excursions by car from Kuşadası is driving up to the amazing antic city of PRIENE, near Söke. It's not crowded yet and the view is breathtaking:


    Then on to ESKI DOĞANBEY, formerly a ghost town, now lovingly restored greek stone houses:


    Followed by a visit to the tiny hamlet of KARINE for a romantic lunch right on the beach:


    And on the way back to Söke a little detour to the outlets and some shopping for the ladies? :cool:
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  3. peril

    peril Connoisseur

    Karinbea- you're reinforcing my view that we need to hire a car next time we're in Kusadasi! I really loved the review of Teos by Kastamonu and felt we really should go there. We've visited Priene and would love to go back - as we would
    Pammukale. Since we retired we've been driving around a fair bit and with himself having lived on the continent and me having driven there a fair bit, it shouldn't be that difficult - I mean we've driven through Cork a few times as well and lived to tell the tail! Definitely looking at car hire for September!
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