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learning turkish

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by tatiara, Sep 22, 2004.

  1. tatiara

    tatiara Explorer

    hi every1. is anybody tryin to learn turkish?
    i got a course of the internet and its a pretty good course but any help from any1 here will be appreciated :cheesy: thanks
  2. Well it depands on the kind of Turkish you want to learn. And be sure not to use Dublin accent when you are learning. If you try learning Dublin accent, You can't go any further than bok.
  3. tatiara

    tatiara Explorer

    i dont find learning the rules of the turkish langauge hard its just putting sentences together i get mixed up with were the words go. iv bin told i have a good accent for it its a scouse witha touch of irish :p i am only 19 so i have a long time to learn yet.
  4. Croushy

    Croushy Fan

    how to learn turkish?

    I'm learning turkish since 6 months, but it's not intensive. I bought one book which is called "ASSIMIL METHOD", but I dont know if it does exist in Ireland. At the begining, it was very easy, because I read some words that I knowed since my last trips in Turkey, like Nasilsin, Iyi aksamlar, Ne arzu ediyorsun?, buyurun, etc...

    After 15 lessons, it was really difficult (benim için çok zor!), and some words were useless for me. So, I learnt slowlier, not every day, I gave up my intensive lessons!

    But when I was in Kusadasi in september (eylül!), after one week, I noted that I could understand a few words in Turkish conversations. More, I could speak with turkish people, say my name, ask their names, say from where i'm from, my age, how many times I went in Turkey etc...

    I think the best solution, is learning with a good book, and after trying to speak with Turkish people, and trying to understand some words in conversation. Don't be shy even if you have a bad accent, it's a real pleasure for turkish people to teach you their language! :clap:
  5. jonno

    jonno Banned

    hi :oops: there
    is there any turkish language courses set up in kus,as we are moving to kus i think we must learn the the language, but not from cd s or books if there is a course set up can you tell me were and how much cheers jonno:cool:
  6. sony

    sony Explorer

    lucky you moving to kus,
  7. adminratv

    adminratv Fan

    One of the better books on the market is called "Teach Yourself Turkish" by Asuman Celen Pollard. Who I have also had the pleasure of meeting, as she also lives in Birmingham.

    I think this is a good starter.

    I learn Turkish by listening to my wife and daughter speak. She is only 3 and her Turkish is far superior than mine will ever be. And I have been learning for 8 years.

    I find it quite cute when my wife and daughter are speaking in Turkish saying and laughing that "Baba Turkce konusiyor".
    "Turkce biliyorum" I say.
    "Hayir" is the reply with a few insults that I am yet to learn :)

    Makes my day.
  8. Eline

    Eline Addict

    I found a great one on the internet but its all in Dutch / Turkish don't think it would help you...ore you must have the intention to learn Dutch aswell...;) Well maybe nice for the Turkish among us.....they can learn Dutch from this list....


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