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Laprops And Ipads

Discussion in 'Travel Talk' started by Kusadasi girl, Apr 16, 2017.

  1. Kusadasi girl

    Kusadasi girl Connoisseur

    I have just returned from Kasadasi and, taken advice from numerous sources, packed all my electronic devices in my hold' luggage. All was going well until the first security check when I had to remove my laptop and iPad from all their well planned padding and put them through the the scanner separately. What a palaver!
    So, for all who are returning tho the UK can I suggest you take your electronic items to the airport in a carrier bag/similar and then pack them in the middle of your suitcase after security.
    Must admit, we had a giggle but initially were perplexed...........but that is nothing new!
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  2. Kusadasi girl

    Kusadasi girl Connoisseur

    Of course, the thread title should read laptops. Whoops!
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  3. sexyshirl

    sexyshirl Expert

    Laptops is good. Thanks for advice :)

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