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Discussion in 'Travel Talk' started by HiperGurl, Apr 21, 2004.

  1. HiperGurl

    HiperGurl Explorer

    I was only in Kusadasi for about a day. I went on a three day cruise excursion with Royal Olympic Cruises and we made a stop here in Turkey. I was with a school trip, so I went with my friends to the Grand Bazaar and also walked along the beach. Also, we visited Ephesus - an amazing archeological site that I visited with my school when we were in Kusadasi.

    Kusadasi is really a must see place, I recommend to all of my friends!
  2. minx

    minx Explorer

    You should come over for 2-3 weeks and see rest of the city. Its cheap, its beautifull and its exactly worths to visit for second time!
  3. Jac

    Jac Explorer

    Kusadasi is thee best place to go on holidays to-u need atleast a week of two to see the place right!

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