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Kusadasi The Place To Be!!!!

Discussion in 'Other Resorts of Turkey' started by Judy, Jan 22, 2005.

  1. Judy

    Judy Fan

    I have to say that I went to Kusadasi for the first time last year!!! it is an amazing place!!!

    The people are sweet and kind and would help you with anything that you needed. also the scenery is amazing, one of the nicest places in the world.

    The beaches are beautiful the sand is lovely and hot under your feet. The service that you recieve when you are on the beach is amazing.

    As for the nightlife it is fantastic there is something for everyone of all ages. The bar staff are so friendly and always are willing to help.

    I would highly recommend kusadasi for anyone planning to go on holiday!!! It will spoil you to go anywhere else!

  2. anatolia

    anatolia Explorer

    Hey! I will be there soon! I can't hardly wait to see it with my own eyes.
  3. Mella

    Mella Administrator Staff Member

    Hey Anatolia,

    Welcome to the forums chick! Great to have you here! :)

    You're going to have such a fab time in Turkey/Kus. It's absolutely amazing.

    C xox
  4. Andrea

    Andrea Member

    hey and welcome. you will have a ball of a time.

    it is the most amazing place ever

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