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kusadasi in october 2004

Discussion in 'Travel Talk' started by shari_mc1, Oct 24, 2004.

  1. shari_mc1

    shari_mc1 Explorer

    17th-24th october 2004

    just back from kus now almost 5 hours, ah girls had a ball...every thing was great, from the weather to the bars...we stayed in palmin hotel again, its a lovely hotel but not good for those who like to party or have an old sing song in the lobby after they come home from a night out..lol..every one has to be dead quite..but other than the TOO strict business the hotel is absolutly beautiful, its very clean and has an excellent swimming pool with two slides, the food is lovely and the entertainment is great craic, it has its own nite club which can be good craic if u get the crowd in it... :clap:

    the only bad thing that happened was jimmys closed on the tuesday of this week (murat im gonna kick ur ass) :evil: so i was a bit sad :cry: because this is my favourite bar in the street.. :cheesy: but ah well we still had a great time in the rest of the bars...kittys, disco bar, paradise, millenium and shamrock was open and still are but paddys closed last night.... :( and the other bars close next week some time...the weather was very good for this time of the year, its was 27-28 most days..(not that we seen most of the sun because the sun dont shine in the bars)lol....we spend most of our nights in shamrock, a great bar also, all the workers are brilliant, they are so friendly which made us enjoy the bar more d.j, ahmet, jim, diego,big boss,omer, gino, denis, bodygaurdand not forgetting my friends boy mehmet lol....love and miss u all, cant wait to see u again next season...got lots of pics of them all it any of u guys wana see them..i also got ones of the other workers in the street..

    best resturaunt there was sarays, they do really nice food and are so nice to the costumers, and girls they have some really fit guys working for them...lol :lol: we never really eaten any where else except the hotel, but i would say most if not all of the restuaraunts where opened this week...

    i have to say it was alot quieter than the summer but there was still a good lot of people there...the good thing was about it being quieter was that we got to get to no the workers more they could come sit and talk with us in all.

    all the shops are still opened, so for all those shoppers, u can still go shop till u drop...

    well thats about all there is to know (i think) but if there is anything else you want to no about october season just mail or pm me...

    take care x

    shari x
  2. Umit

    Umit Veteran Staff Member

    Thank You for your detailed and great review. it will help much ;)
  3. Sharon

    Sharon Fan

    it sounds like you had a good holiday
  4. awww shari a did ny no ya went bak lol but sounds like ya had a good time :cheesy:
  5. Boo

    Boo Fan

    Hi Shari,

    I think many of us wants to see pics!

    Maybe you can ask Kusadasi Guy to put some of them on the site??? :lol:
  6. Bilge

    Bilge Fan

  7. Mella

    Mella Administrator Staff Member

    YOU READ MY MIND, KAREN :cheesy:
  8. cherry

    cherry Fan

  9. a v got sum pix a cood put up but a dino how :roll:
  10. if u send them to kusadasi guy i think he would be able to put them up on the website.. i think i might put some of my pics up aswell :wave:
  11. Susanc

    Susanc Addict


    Hi shari murats wife is preggers so he is on his way to dublin as far as i know. jimmys usually closes around this time anyway. Glad to hear you had a great time but your right about the Palmin its a really beautiful hotel but not half as ggod craic as the tropicana even though its the same owners well the same family.

    Cheers honey hope ta see ya in kusy next year
  12. Bilge

    Bilge Fan

  13. sexi_

    sexi_ Explorer

    well shazza plz hurry up and show them the fotas of a re brilliant holiday
    Ash x
  14. Susanc

    Susanc Addict


    Shari have you ever stayed in the Tropicana garden hotel?????
  15. shari_mc1

    shari_mc1 Explorer


    no never stayed in tropicana garden, stayed in delta and palmin thats it....x x why whats up?

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