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Kusadasi Golf And Spa Resort, Due To Fly Out In 2 Days And Worried After Reading Reviews

Discussion in 'Hotel Reviews and Questions' started by robpeake28, Aug 17, 2013.

  1. robpeake28

    robpeake28 Explorer

    hi there, i been looking for further reviews on kusadasi golf and spa resort that i have booked as a family holiday, has anyone stayed there recently. trip advisor reviews have been very poor over august and it seems it cannot cope with the summer holidays. i'm hopeful that end of august might be seen as quieter and therefore they can cope. reviews suggest meal times are a nightmare and also not enough sunbeds.

    just looking for some reassurance really from anyone thats stayed there. i was hoping to get into a market and town but have been told that taxis are really expensive and that its too far to walk.

    thansk in advance.
  2. jake 51

    jake 51 Veteran

    we have been a few times ..and going back again soon ,we love the place ,,the food IMHO is first class and to everyones taste,also the complex comprises of apartment blocks, each with a swimming pool with sunbeds,and a bar ,were they do snack foods,eg.. pizza,s ,burgers ,spagetti bolognaise,and a good selection of salads,some do indian or chinese .the main restaurant can get very busy ,and the pool areas around there too,also there are dolmus,s(buses) that come to the Atrium( main reception area) and can take you to nearby Soke ..the appartments are luxury self contained .if you wish to cook there ..i am surprised trip advisor gave it bad reveiws ..the only downside i can say about it is the steep hills to the apartment if your walking, but there are Golf carts that carry 6 that will take you to your apartments..
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  3. amadeus

    amadeus Member

    Shouldn't this be called the Soke Golf And Spa Resort as Soke is 7km from Hotel where Kusadasi town centre is 18km from Hotel I think this misleading any maybe that is why there is no location map on the hotel website.
  4. robpeake28

    robpeake28 Explorer

    thanks for replying i think i did read a review from you actually when i was looking through the forums. just recently the reviews suggest the waiters cannot cope with the shher volume of people at meal times and sunbeds are not plentiful enough so there have been arguments beetween holiday makers over sunbeds!!

    i'd definatley be interested in getting the buses to the beach or to the town, im assuming just the bus to the beach is free only and anything into town you have to pay, we are a family of 5 and wanted to see the harbour and maybe the markets as the wife loves a bit of shopping lol

    im hoping as we are going tuesday its towards the end of the summer holidays and it might be just a little quieter out there and maybe the staff wont be overun with people.

    we are staying all inclusive there but would love just a relaxing holiday by the pool if im honest with the option of beach and maybe a market or two for shopping. maybei made a big mistake of reading the reviews after paying for the holiday lol but certainly making me worry..
  5. margo

    margo Expert

    Much to far to walk but take a dolmus ( bus) they go into town all day but find out the times, the big
    market is on Wednesday and the fruit and veg markets are Tuesday and Friday, worth going to as
    the fruit and veg are fresh and the tomatoes from the market are to die for not at all like the ones
    in the supermarket. All organic and so tasty. and very very cheap if you are doing some cooking. Wednesday market is worth going to remember to leave some space
    and weight allowance to bring the stuff home. Have a great holiday choose a place to stay in the centre when you
    come back ! you will return, we all did, Kusadasi is a wonderful and beautiful resort.
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  6. jake 51

    jake 51 Veteran

    Can't understand the comment the waiters are under pressure (it's self service)they only clear the dishes..as for the beach they have a bus going a few times a day to Jade beach,from the golf spa resort..as far as I know you can still eat and drink there if you AI at the golf spa...

    KASTAMONU Connoisseur

    If its any consolation at all we booked a few nights at a hotel in Cesme for our honeymoon at the last minute. Saw some ghastly reviews but hubby would not listen. Well it was just lovely, how they decorated our room/bath so touching and a good all in deal. Personally I dont like AI but agree a relaxing option for many people- in the old days no reviews we just turned up and had fun. ENJOY - all of you!
  8. jake 51

    jake 51 Veteran

    Correct kastamonu,usually bad press by a rival hotel .or hotels or restaurants..pretty pathetic..they ask their friends send bad reviews..and the good reviews to their hotel..it goes on in Kusadasi ,trip adviser should be banned from using Internet for false claims by their members..
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  9. Margaret Glenn

    Margaret Glenn Connoisseur

    This resort is first class as far as I'm concerned. Enjoy your holiday but make sure you come and see the town, you will not regret it. :)
  10. sanjen

    sanjen Fan

    Hmm we own an apartment on the resort (we bought off plan in 2009!) so we have no need or inclination to post a bad review as obviously we want the place to be a success...Anyway we spent 5 weeks there this year but as we prefer to cater for ourselves we can't personally comment on the food / service BUT...

    My son and his girlfriend stayed there last week (they went last year and loved it so much they wanted to go back) they still like the resort but say that the cost of the AI has gone up (we noticed this for the high season - possibly not too much of a problem if you're booking an all-in package with a Travel Company) but the standard and quality has gone down. He said they charge 7TL for fresh orange juice at breakfast and that an English breakfast is 20TL (both even if you're all-inclusive). He said the entertainment was poor, the staff generally moody and unhelpful... He said they went to the Italian restaurant and the pasta was cold. They waited an hour and a half for pizza and actually gave up and left! As owners this is very, very disappointing :( They didn't have any problems getting a sunbed though but as has been mentioned there are various pools around the resort - there are 11 - but having said that we had some guests stay there the previous week who said as long as you're prepared to get up and grab a sunbed you're ok (!) but that's probably around the main pool

    With regard to Jade Beach Club there is no beach - there are sun loungers and decking straight into the sea, so definitely not suitable for children! As far as we are aware the only transport that was available takes you to Jade Beach Club (free if you are staying AI) - nothing to take you into Soke or to either of the Kipa's although you can get off at the top of the road and walk down into Kusadasi (we usually rent a car when we stay although this time we drove there!!)

    KASTAMONU Connoisseur

    The staff are often moody because they are severely underpaid and overworked in Turkish hotels I hope no one will contradict me this time
    However many are just grateful to have work and should at least be nice to the guests indeed if the guests treat them wth equall respect High season of course is difficult and very hot for all. My husband worked 18 hrs p day 6 days p.wk in a luxury hotel here in Foca for 1000 tl p.mnth. He speaks perfect English and got on well wth the guests despite the long hard hrs

    Sorry to rant on but felt I hd to respond to the moodiness point at least but otherwise I have heard good things ref this hotel complex. :)
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  12. jake 51

    jake 51 Veteran

    i think you could be right on that Kas .we never had that problem as we go pre_season .and the staff i find are very friendly .but it must be hard working in this heat with long hours and no social life ..working for a pittance,as sanjen says the all inclusive is very expensive for owners on the complex ..i spoke to a couple last time we were there and they said 50 pounds a couple per day,they did it now and again as a treat. ..we actually thought about buying one of these apartments , but after giving it a lot of thought decided it was just too isolated to live there full time, but going for 3 or 4 days at a time is good for us , we love the place..i just cannot fault it..well apart from the steep hills..lol..
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  13. Rhona

    Rhona Kusadasi Queen

    We were ready to book this place but were put off by the reviews. Going to the Sealight instead.
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  14. kay

    kay Kusadasi Kiwi

    Hi Rhona
    Good to see you again.
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  15. jake 51

    jake 51 Veteran

    Yes nice to see you back Rhona..
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  16. sexyshirl

    sexyshirl Expert

    Golf club is ok but a little far out of Kusadasi the Sealight is a good choice No: 5 bus right outside door.
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  17. Rhona

    Rhona Kusadasi Queen

    Hi Kay, Long time no see. I couldn't find this forum for so long then found it and lost it again.
    Hope all is well with you and yours.
    I met Joy in England last week for a meal, it was lovely having a catch up. x
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  18. Rhona

    Rhona Kusadasi Queen

    Thanks Jake.
    Hope life is good for you and yours.
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  19. kay

    kay Kusadasi Kiwi

    All good thanks and pleased that you caught up with Joy. It's so good that some of the long term forum members are still around even if not posting very often.
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