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kusadasi crap poem!!!lol!!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by kusadasigirl69, Jan 7, 2005.

  1. dreaming of kusadasi sun ,fun ,and sea
    that is the place where i want to be
    dancing all night ,pissed as a fart
    waiting 4 the party at barstreet 2 start!!!

    shaking ur arse, eyeing up the men
    u wake the next morning, n say never again!!
    fag burns in your dress, kebab in your hair
    your asleep in a hotel ,but u dont know where!!

    getting up still pissed in the morning
    remeber snogging them men!!!
    u get over it quick, then start all over again!!!!!


    crap i know but im bored!!!
  2. Hahaha I like it its very good.. Sitting with a big smile on my face right now :miranda: :bow:
  3. Hande

    Hande Fan

    great poem I love it:lmao:

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