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Just got back

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Boo, Oct 10, 2004.

  1. Boo

    Boo Fan

    Hi guys!
    Just got back from Izmir and Kusadasi last night!
    I had a great time with my fiancee and we went to Ankara (embassy)! Ankara is to big for me :roll: !!!! and cold !!!!

    Anyway, stayed most of the time in Izmir but went to kusadasi twice: I can tell you: it is really dead for the moment! Not much to do actually!
    Almost every bar is empty and some of them are already closed!
    A little bit dissapointed I guess...

    Izmir was nice: sometimes it rained, but didn't mind it...
    I went to Karsiyaka, Buca, Kordon, Konak, Sirinyer,... i also went to visit the teleférique! It such a nice place to go and what a vieuw!!!!

    If any of you has questions: just ask :wave:
  2. Umit

    Umit Veteran Staff Member

    He he, welcome back Boo, i live in Karsiyaka in winter ;)
  3. hey, u done some travelling around! how long did you stay for?
    my mum & dads in Kusadasi at the mo..they went this morning
  4. i forgot to ask..wats the weather like out there now at this time of the year??
  5. Boo

    Boo Fan

    Nothing seems wrong with your boobs to me?
  6. U r defentnally a member of the COK COK deli gang :razz:

    Karen is right, telehopne bar is very nice, has a lovely atmhosphere, also if u wanna listen to live turkish music try the Kordon, there r lots of bars there
  7. Boo

    Boo Fan

    One nice bar to recommend at Kordon is Carnevale.

    Very nice club with nice atmosphere and live female singer!

    Too nice not to give it a try!!!!

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