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Izmir...comparisons with Kus? any good places to visit?

Discussion in 'Izmir Forum' started by lofty, Nov 2, 2004.

  1. lofty

    lofty Fan

    hey all, im spending christmas (22-30 dec) in izmir and i was wondering how it compares to kus and whether anyone knows of any good bars or general places to go. Also whats the temperature like then?!

    Lofty xxxxxx
  2. Hande

    Hande Fan

    I'm jealous :cry: ehehe
    Izmir is such a great city I just love it
    Have fun there! :bye: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  3. Samael

    Samael Banned

    Hey there... :wave:
    I'm livin' in izmir. 8)
    To tell the truth izmir (symrna) has a 5000 years old history... but after the brutal earthquakes in time... :cry: many of them ruined. Agora still stands but many pieces are placed in museums.

    Weather is usually nice in izmir... izmir has a special wind current called "imbat". When it blows it changes the weather and makes it warm during winter and it makes cool during summer when it's really really hot... besides it may rain heavily sometimes... (don't be sad :( . knows the weather is always like drich in uk (grey sky cloudy you kno).
    but hopes luck will be with you when you are here... and the weather will be cool ;)

    Shopping: YERR!!! THE BEST PART... there are malls in izmir... and they rock!! i really enjoy goin' some of them. (exp: Konak Pier - EGS PARK - AGORA etc...) besides malls you can visit " Kemaralti ". Kemeralti is a huge street kinda bazaar where you can find anything you can imagine. tis really cheap... but think about the quality. (it may serve thou).

    Eating: There are really cool places to eat in malls... but you can try "Alsancak" area or the street called "Kibris Sehitleri". At that street there's a place called "Altin Kapi". mmm their Doner is so delicious. (lol the owner of that place is my best friend tho <trustful>).

    Clubbin': NEO and JADE ruleeeeeee!!! izmir nights are really cool and i love it... kusadasi is really near too.. you can take a bus or rent a car and go there and enjoy urself durin' xmas if you want... i sometimes do that... drive to kusadasi and spend my weekend there or go to my villa near kusadasi...

    do not hesisate to drop a post here if you have more questions...

    have a nice day...

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