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Istanbul calling

Discussion in 'Introduce yourself' started by starman, Sep 3, 2004.

  1. starman

    starman Explorer

    My name is steve and live in Istanbul. I work for a relocation/removals company and have been in Turkey for 12 years. Have also lived and worked in Izmir, Fethiye, Side, Bursa, Bodrum, marmaris and Istanbul.
    I feel I can answer a few of your questions so please fire away.
    I am married to my wife Filiz for 8 years and dont plan to live any where else apart from Turkey.
  2. Hi steve welcome to this forum hope u will love it :D
  3. Boo

    Boo Fan

    Hi Steve,

    First of all, welcome to this site indeed!

    What a wonderfull live you have, being in so many parts of Turkey allready!

    Hope you will tell us some stories somedays...

    take care

  4. starman

    starman Explorer

    Oh I have plenty of stories but where do I start? Earthquakes including the 1999 one, flash floods, mafia shootings, Bodrum at a war footing, solar eclipse, village in Sivas, waking up with pockets of cash and no idea where it came from, Istanbul traffic and it just goes on and on just tell me which one you want to hear and I will type it up.
  5. bEaCh BoY

    bEaCh BoY Fan

    waking up with pockets of cash and no idea where it came from...

    That sounds interesting.. 8) :beer:
  6. starman

    starman Explorer

    Yes I woke up one morning with a blinding hangover and was wondering how much money I blew the night before and looked in 1 pocket and had a wad of deutshe marks, the other pocket was full of dollars my back pocket was full of sterling and the final pocket was full of lira but I wasnt happy because I couldnt find my lighter.

    I won it in a casino the night before but the last thing I remembered was downing Raki in a disco.
  7. bEaCh BoY

    bEaCh BoY Fan

    I wish I could find money everytime I was looking for my lighter..
    I would be rich.. :cheesy:

    ..raki can do that to you sometimes :beer: .... :boff2: .... :lol2:

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