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Inform Me Please

Discussion in 'Introduce yourself' started by tommy_mc, Jan 19, 2005.

  1. tommy_mc

    tommy_mc Explorer

    Hello Every Body !!!!
    Parents just bought a villa outside kusadasi and after the old leaving cert i plan on spending some time there winding down i was just wondering what a crazy irish 18 year old could get up to and is there plenty of people(tourists&ladies) around to have fun with and all that, any good experiences from any1 to talk about....... youthful nighclubs, do's and dont's would be appreciated Thanks................ Tom. :p
  2. Shannon

    Shannon Addict


    Hey Tommy, welcome to the forum,

    I sent you a pm with some info so if ya wanna ask me anything, my email is dudetricia@hotmail.com and same for msn messenger. You are gonna love Kusadasi. Take care
  3. Oonie

    Oonie Fan

    Hiya Tommy,

    Welcome to the forum :miranda:

    You will find loads to do in Kusadasi. Will you have friends with you?
    There is so much to do by day and by night.
    I think, as you will be just finished your Leaving you will be in the mood for partying..well Kus is definately the place for that. Check out the links on this site to get an idea of all the different things that are available.
    You will also get any help you need from the guys here, the great bunch that we are! :D
  4. lofty

    lofty Fan

    hey tommy

    sounds like you're gonna love bar street lol, during the season (may-october) theres loads of irish and english and dutch and....well theres loads of people out there and its an amazing place and very addictive lol (as you can probably tell by this forum!) how long would u be going for?

  5. Andrea

    Andrea Member

    hey tommy

    u will love it and i u will find loads of things to do.
  6. Judy

    Judy Fan

    hey tommy

    believe me you will find lots to do!!! you will love it!!!

    you will probably not want to come back once you get out there it is amazing!!!

  7. Susanc

    Susanc Addict


    There Is Absolutely Nothing To Do In Kusadasi Except Enjoy Yourself And Enjoy The Madness

    Sue From Dublin

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