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Imbat hotel

Discussion in 'Hotel Reviews and Questions' started by nikkij, Apr 19, 2004.

  1. nikkij

    nikkij Explorer

    Hi,i wonder if you could give me some info on the Imbat hotel.We are goig there this August. :?:
  2. Burcu

    Burcu Explorer

    Dear Sir;

    Imbat Hotel has good location but for the first time this season the hotel accepts to give service in all inclusive basis. This means food and beverages in the hotel will be served all day free of charge. So, we are not sure about the quality of All Inclusive service of the first year yet.

    But please be assure that the hotel and location is very nice!.. Peaceful area, clean and sandy private beach, friendly staff, and much more.. ;)
  3. i just came bak about 2 weeks ago and i stayed in the imbat it was very nice! and i wood def go bak 2 it. :cheesy:
  4. Umit

    Umit Veteran Staff Member

    Hello XL Sian, we would like to read your complete hotel review.
  5. Milka

    Milka Explorer

    I was in kusadasi hotel this year also.It was our 4th time and i must say,this year was not so good. :roll: and i can say,this was because of the all inclusive sh**.The personal work sometimes 22hours on the day and they were tired and sometimes unfriendly.We were there for three weeks.After 1 1/2 weeks they changed the personal.After that it was better.But it´s right,that the hotel is very clean,the rooms are comfortible,the pool is also clean and the dinner....YUMMY!! :D I hope,you understood my english.. :|

  6. There is no problem on your English Milka. Keep on going. We understand you very well.
  7. ladiesbeach

    ladiesbeach Explorer

    its rigtht, what my daughter, milka, said: i stayed in imbat several times, too, and its really nice! the view to the ladiesbeach is great, and the diner in the evenig is fantastic! only we tried the late breakfast and we were bored, its not much, but may be a "continental" breakfast is like that! the staff is,like milka said, mostly nice, althoug they have hard times for working and are not good payed. I stayed there in may, in summertime and also at the end of the season, everytime is really nice, i will go there again !
  8. Welcome to the Kusadasi.BiZ forums ladiesbeach.
  9. Julia

    Julia Explorer

    I stayed at Imbat from 28-9 t/m 5-10.
    It was great!!
    Good food, big room, and the people that work there are very friendly!!!
    But far from Bar-Street :cheesy:

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