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Ida Apart hotels

Discussion in 'Hotel Reviews and Questions' started by goldielocks, Oct 19, 2004.

  1. Right, where do I start??!! Just got back from my first time in both Kusadasi and the Ida apart hotels and it was bloomin fantastic!

    The hotel itself is just out of the centrum which I thought was great as the noise levels were fairly low, it was up a hill though so it's not recommended for the elderly, infirm or those that smoke 20+ fags a day. The hotel had a fantastic view of the marina below and over to Kusadasi centrum. You had great views of Pigeon Island etc and the QE2!!!! (when it pulled up for a day!)

    The hotel was nice and clean, we stayed in Self Catering apartments that baically had everything we needed, the maids were on hand and kept everything clean and tidy, the pool was freezing, but I believe this is pretty customary in Turkey. The bar was great with nightlife and they were more than happy for you to play your own cd's etc which is great once you get sick of the same songs they play over and over and over again!

    The staff were fantastic, there was a guest that was having sight mental problems (understatment of century!!!) and the staff were on hand to help assist. They kept everyone calm, translated without a problem and kept us all entertained at the same time - although lil miss nutjob managedd that anyway!

    Erm what else can I say other than we are most definately going back!! The hotel told us that we can book a week with them fairly cheaply and they will collect from the airport at no extra cost - which is great - so I'm now trawling the internet for cheap flights! Who needs a travel agent when you have a great hotel to go to again!!
  2. **claire**

    **claire** Super Moderator

    welcome back!!

    ohh the Ida sounds really nice!!
    will have to keep it in mind for my next trip!!!! :cheesy:
  3. Yeah you should do! We had a great time, lovd every minute of it and are def going back next year. I think we can get a week for around £70 for the two of us if we book privately with them and they will pick us up from the airport as well! Fabby price, fabby hotel, fabby staff!
  4. NornIronFan

    NornIronFan Explorer

    Going here first week in August. Sounds great, looking forward to a fun time :)
  5. Hephaestion

    Hephaestion Connoisseur

    This was a really helpful review. Most of the reviews of Ida I have found on the web have been glowing.

    I am staying there this summer.

    Has anyone stayed there recently and could us give some up to date information?




    I have put Ida on the map (litterally :D)
  6. Waggie

    Waggie Explorer

    Hey Heph,

    Great Map. How did you find your stay at the Ida Aparts ?

    We are thinking of staying there this summer but were worried whether the location would be too far out. How long does it take to walk to bar street ?

    If its not too much trouble could you kindly mark on the map where bar street and centrum are. We have not been to Kusadasi before, so have no idea where anything is !

    Do you know whether Ida Apart is anywhere near Grand Oner Hotel ? or is it even further away from the centre.

    Hope you can help, thanks Waggie
  7. Hephaestion

    Hephaestion Connoisseur

    Oops sorry Waggie...I missed this one!!

    In the end we didn´t stay there but at another holiday complex further up.

    All the reviews I read on Ida were quite favourable and it does look really nice in all the photo´s.
    Yes it the same distance as the Grand Önder Hotel, Ida is just up the hill, just a few meters away.

    Bar street is a brisk 20 minute walk away along the marina road. It´s 10-15 min on the dolmus (no. 2) as it takes the long winding back road. The Dolmus doesn´t drive up to the hotel itself so you have to walk up the hill from the dolmus stop. That´s the major draw back of it I think and that it´s not centrally located. Your close the town beach and the general area is quite nice.

    If you zoom up from the map you will see Bar Street clearly on the map - cocktail symbol.;)
  8. natalie.63

    natalie.63 Explorer

    going in june with my son cant wait

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