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I have never been to kusadasi before

Discussion in 'Travel Talk' started by irish_girl_03, Jun 4, 2004.

  1. hey i have never been to kusadasi before... :roll:
    im going there in 3 weeks time for 9 weeks .. canni wait !! :)
    could anyone tell me what it is like out there?? is there nice boys out there? :oops:
    whats the drink and clothes like, is it cheap? :wave:

    plz writeback :razz:
  2. Umit

    Umit Veteran Staff Member

    Drinks and clothes are pretty cheap. For example a beer approximately 3-4€. Entrance to bars is free ;)

    I think other members will answer your questions and give you useful advices.

    Hmmmm. I have an idea for this!! Let me start a discussion about "Must do things in Kusadasi"
  3. arabian girl

    arabian girl Explorer

    Hi Irish girly 03,

    I like ur style....ur colorfull message really cheered me up after a long day of work :D thanx 4 that. I can guarantee u that u will luv Kusadasi.

    The atmosphere is great over there....not to mention the people...they are superb! Their hospitality, so full of life, warm and loving. They will make u feel at home in a heartbeat....that's my experience...

    I'm going to Kusadasi next week....pffff...time is ticking slowly

    Bye 4 now xx
  4. right :cheesy:
    thanks for your replys! ;)
    i cant wait to go now !!
    woohooo :)
    Are you's going to kusadasi this summer?
  5. Hi Irish Girl, u r very lucky too go for such a long time, but how come u chose too go there for so long time, when u've never been there before??
    Trust me u will have lots of fun there, Kusadasi is the best 8)

    Take care

    xxx C xxx
  6. i dont really know why i choosen to go to kusadasi :|

    ..yeah i hope i enjoy it!! :wave: it sounds good!! :cheesy:

    there is alot of us going over.. :cheesy:

    i hope i meet alot of people out there aswell!

    il be out partying everynight im there!! lol :wave: :razz:
  7. Trust me u will meet a lot of people, and become friends with many!
    Party all night?? ;) U must be rich or something like that :D

    Have a great time

    xxx C xxx
  8. yeah hopefully i will meet alot of people! :) hehe i wish ! lol
  9. bEaCh BoY

    bEaCh BoY Fan

    I am sure you will love it!!
    9 weeks is a long time but you won't even notice how fast it is going to pass.
    Idon't know about boys but girls are great, especially irish and dutch girls. ;)

    Also don't forget to buy big brand fake clothes such as versace and armani. They are like originals, nobody can tell. I brought back some jeans and t-shirts to my friends. they went crazy. of course I did't tell them that the clothes were fake :cheesy:
  10. Hahaha :lol: Of course u shouldn't tell they are fake, i also always say my gucci bags a real :razz: They are such good copies so who can tell if they a fake or real
    Im gonna buy a lot of bags again, and t-shirts, cant wait too go out shopping again!

    xxx C xxx
  11. yeah ano..i will be buying stacks of clothes and bags out there aswell!! :cheesy: :razz:

    my friend went last year and she came back with the same diesel jeans as me - they didnt look fake they looked exactly the same

    i cant wait tot go shopping out there! :D

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