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I Am Back On The Forum Again

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Sunlady, Jun 18, 2017.

  1. Sunlady

    Sunlady Explorer

    Hi friends,
    I have not been on here for ages but some of you will remember me I am sure !
    Margo from Northern Ireland.
    To-day I am looking for a fridge or fridge freezer URGENTLY, does anyone know
    of one that is FOR SALE or RENT !!!!
    I will arrive in Kusadasi late Tuesday night so if you can help please give me your number
    and I will contact you.
    Thanks and I hope you are all keeping well.
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  2. Kusadasi girl

    Kusadasi girl Connoisseur

    Why the change of name, Margo?
  3. peril

    peril Connoisseur

    Remember you well Margo- welcome back! Sorry I can't help with advice re a fridge freezer- we'll be in the market for one ourselves in the autumn when we're back next - ours is on the blink unfortunately. I'll be interested in any replies to your quest though.
  4. marydee

    marydee Addict

    Also haven't been on here for ages as we have not been to Kusadasi for a couple of years. The little hotel we always stayed at was turned into flats . Hopefully we will return next year. Is the Limon bar still open
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  5. peril

    peril Connoisseur

    Yes it was open when we passed by in May.
  6. marydee

    marydee Addict

    Thanks Peril
  7. sexyshirl

    sexyshirl Expert

    Sun lady Margo lots of fridges and freezers (2nd hand) on what I call cemetery hill I.e. The hill facing the cemetery that leads to Ladies beach

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