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Discussion in 'Hotel Reviews and Questions' started by Julie, Apr 26, 2004.

  1. Julie

    Julie Explorer

    Hi can anyone tell me who gives the rating on the hotels i have usually gone four star only because i had to start with very young children they are getting older now teenagers and the child prices are usually stopped by 12 yeas old approx i started off taking my 4 children and now i have only 2 to take and it was getting difficult to get interconnecting rooms and we have been sharing one room for the 4 of us we have recomended turkey to a lot of people and a few of our extended families have now been or are going they all have different ages and we all asking the same thank in advance julie
  2. turquoise

    turquoise Explorer

    Hi July,

    Nobody answered your question, but i understand the problem. I traveld a lot with my only son, and always had to pay adult price for him, because most child discount rates are given only with two adults. Later when we traveld with a friend of mine, he was older then 12, and so again no discount.
    What always suited me fine with him, was an appartment with hotel facilites. That way we had more space and freedom in time of meals and stuff our own fridge (very economic with cocacola and chips addicted son, and beer and cigarettes addicten mum.

    Pro's: own time to take your meals (cooking only water and eggs)

    You can stuff the fridge with what you like (Once in a Hotel in the neighbourhood of Antalya, reception took away my bottle of mineralwater, they didnt allow that even. I had to buy it from the bar, 3 times more expensive.

    I hate the all inclusive formula, always standing in line, and working hard for your meals. Also buffets look better than they taste, standing so long in het hotwater basin.

    Cons: in a hotel children make quicker contact with other children. Alttough, when there is a pool, they will find each other hand have fun.

    So far, a late reply from Holland. Please, write back? (I didn't take the time to edit, forgive me for MISTEAKs.

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