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Hotel Tusan Beach

Discussion in 'Hotel Reviews and Questions' started by Julie, Apr 25, 2004.

  1. Julie

    Julie Explorer


    Been to Turkey on a number of occasions and Kusadassi once before (Merit View). I am coming with my family to the Tusan Beach in July and would like anyones comment who has been recently. Trawling the net has found mixed reviews - particulary around the food - so any comment is welcome.

    Also some info if anyone can help. When we stayed at the Merit View we used a street travel agent for a trip to Ephesus and he was great. We found him by walking from Merit View away from Kusadasi and they where on the corner (i think) near the Tulip? Bar. Does anyone know the name of the agents there?

  2. Umit

    Umit Veteran Staff Member


    Welcome to the Kusadasi forum Julie;

    i would like to talk about "The Street Agencies"

    Firstly i must say that Kusadasi.BiZ and Sun&Fun are different companies. As Kusadasi.BiZ, we are an internet company and our first aim at Kusadasi.BiZ is delevering the rich information with rich internet media. In same time, we would like to provide reliable and cheap travel services. Please be sure that there is no any relationship with Sun&Fun Travel Agency on our publishing depertmant.

    I am so sorry that I never give permission to mentioning about any street agency in Kusadasi.

    Why? Let me explain:

    There are lots of street agencies and many of them are illegal, they have no any authorization to sell travel services from the Turkish Ministry of Tourism. Of course, Turkey is a tourism country and the economy is still under developing. Thats why there are many illegal travel companies in this beautiful country.

    The street travel agencies have no authorization (not licenced by TURSAB - Turkish Travel Agencies Association), no enough equipment, no enough staff. So, they dont pay taxes and dues. Thats why they may provide little better rates. In Fact, they can not deliver customer satisfaction. How can believe them when their staff talking about great Ephesus and other historical sites, they have not licensed guides.

    And believe me there are lots of unsatisfied visitors, they are all complaining about street travel agencies.

    Sometimes, the street agencies may provide enough quality services and customer satisfaction. But principally, they can not!..

    And in this forum, we never give any permission to talk about un-reliable organizations, firms and groups. This is not a prohibition policy, but this is responsibility to our valued visitors.

    I recommend to you the Sun&Fun Travel Agency and please visit this page: http://www.kusadasi.biz/sunfun.asp You can find the unbiased comment about Sun&Fun Travel Agency.

    The travel agency is really providing cheap and great quality services and thats why we have chosen them as our travel service provider. And please be assured that Sun&Fun can deliver very good quality service to you with reasonable rates.

    I would like to thanks about your question. Becuase your question gave me to putting clarify about street agencies.

    Thank You ;)

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