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Hotel Fantasia

Discussion in 'Hotel Reviews and Questions' started by Janneke, Nov 24, 2004.

  1. Janneke

    Janneke Explorer


    First I want to say that I'm new here. I come from Holland and I'm 15 years old... My English isn't perfect but I will try to make it simple so you can understand me all the time...

    I hope I can make a topic about the Hotel Fantasia in Kusadasi. I stayed there last holiday and it was really nice. But I have a question. Does anyone know if the animation-team there, always come back next year?

    Greetz, Janneke :wave:
  2. Mella

    Mella Administrator Staff Member



  3. Lohen

    Lohen Explorer

    New to this as well.

    Nice hotel, and a damn fine swimming pool. I should go there again.
  4. desmodus

    desmodus Explorer

    i will go to fantasia hotel this weekend but jakuzzi and sauna is not included to the price you have to pay 10Euro for jakuzzi this is a little bit annoying i hope the foods will be good
  5. Rhona

    Rhona Kusadasi Queen

    Hi Janneke,
    I also visited the Fantasia last year and loved it.
    If you enter Fantasia into the search option you will find what others have written about it.
    Have a great holiday
  6. desmodus

    desmodus Explorer

    i have been in both Fantasia and Korumar both hotels are de luxe hotels i want to write some comment about the hotels i hope it will be helpful..

    Hotel Fantasia : the hotel lobby impressed me so much at first when you enter the hotel you think the heaven is here but when we see the hotel's rooms i really disappointed.the room furnitured very old style nothing new, lots of dust on the tv and other stuff in the room when i enter the bathroom i was really really disappointed :( because the bath was designed very old you have to see this i have to say that this hotel must change the rooms and baths immediately
    when you get out of room the hotel is so nice the swimming pools are nice the indoor pool is so hot it was good Hotel Korumar's indoor pool water is so cold the bars are making good drinks the foods are good but
    ***read this carefully you can't eat such a dinner anywhere there was a live piano music at dinner the foods were very very nice you come to this hotel only for eating this great dinner

    Hotel Korumar : every where clean, bathroom is very nice, the room is very nice you can't find a piece of dust anywhere,foods are delicious but nothing special, swimming pools are nice jakuzzi,sauna,turkish bath are good and included to the price, it was very romantic watching the sea and city from balcony with your darling
    **but the woman at the reception is a little bit unkind i have to say this but all the other staff is so kind
  7. I stayed at the Fantasia for a week at the end of January this year. It's a friendly enough place but I found the food poor and the room facilities (especially heating) inadequate. I certainly wouldn't describe it as de luxe.

    I moved to the Charisma which is in a different league altogether. Although they both claim to be 5*, I would award them, respectively, 3*- and 4*+.
  8. pajoe

    pajoe Connoisseur

    The Animation team now work at , Walt Disney Studios.
  9. bieke

    bieke Explorer

    i go this summer to hotel fantasia

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