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Hotel Cankaya

Discussion in 'Hotel Reviews and Questions' started by chocolatehoney, Jan 14, 2005.

  1. Has anyone stayed in the hotel cankaya before and if so what is it like? We've got to book into a hotel until we have bought all our furniture for the apartment and this hotel is quite close to it! Any info, good or bad would be great thanx!!
  2. lofty

    lofty Fan

    yep we stayed there for a week and a bit last summer and its luverly! Friendly and all that and theres a back street about 100 yrds from the hotel that leads you straight to bar street! I would definately recomend it though, plus, taxis to the beach are cheaper from there than from centrum so its all good! lol

  3. Thanx lofty, glad to hear that coz we've booked today! Hopefully we wont be staying there too long! Coz the sooner we get our apartment furnished the better :p
  4. lofty

    lofty Fan

    Lol, im jealous lol, but good luck with the whole thing

  5. Lol, Thanx sweety!!!!!!

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