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Discussion in 'Travel Talk' started by nicolaxxx, Jul 31, 2004.

  1. nicolaxxx

    nicolaxxx Explorer

    Can anyone tell me waht the nightlife will be like in OCtober? First week, and people have told me it will rain all teh time is this true? :frown:
    I need some sun!!!!

    Thanks Guys!

  2. **claire**

    **claire** Super Moderator

    Hi Nicola
    I was in Kusdadasi the first week of october last year, & the weather was really nice (not to hot) we all came home with a nice tan!!
    you will need to take a light jacket or cardigan for the evening tho..as it get a little bit chilly!!
    we had 1 day of rain, the rest of the week was bright sunshine!!

    all of the bars were still open, but it is a lot quieter than high season (Jul & Aug)

    dont worry..you should get some sun & have a crackin time!!! :cheesy:

  3. nicolaxxx

    nicolaxxx Explorer


    Thanks cliare u r a star!!!!

    Im really excited, n want a tan!!!

    i will tell u what it was like when i get back x*X*x

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