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Hi Im Charlotte aka Damn_Fine_Black_Girl

Discussion in 'Introduce yourself' started by Damn_Fine_Black_Girl, Sep 1, 2004.

  1. Hello all, know i've been a member for a long time now, but have never introduced my self :oops: So think it's about time!

    I live in Copenhagen/Denmark. But my second home is Turkey :cheesy: Izmir or Kusadasi, depends on what time a year i go.

    I've been going to Kusadasi 3years now, and i usally go when ever i can. Witch is quiet often :clap:

    That's it for me.

    Just like to say, i've meet some very nice people on here, hopefully i will see u all 1day in person

    Take care
  2. Umit

    Umit Veteran Staff Member


  3. :inlove2: well i love all of u guys aswell :lol2:
  4. Boo

    Boo Fan

    Just face it guys...

    I had the pleasure to see Charlotte already: and the only thing I can say about that is that she is a supergirl!!!

    Really: when i was living overthere, i had difficult times sometimes and she was always there for me! Also now, when i am not overthere, she is the only person where i can talk to about everything!!!

    Ur the best honey :clap:
  5. :oops: u r so sweet thanx Karen. U know i will always be there for u :console2: u r my girl and u always will be..

    It's funny how people meet, and become friends. I meet Karen online 2years ago, and now we r really good freinds eaven though we dont live in the same country :super:
  6. Hebburn FTM

    Hebburn FTM Explorer

    By the sound of it, you all seem very good friends...nice one. :clap:

    I just thought I would add my comment. :D
  7. Susanc

    Susanc Addict


    NE haber Charlotte my arkadasim,

    lova ya too honey even though your as mad as meeeeeeeee :boff2:

    Sue from Dublin :console2:
  8. Ne haber Sue

    Well thanx for the comment :razz: But nobody can top Kusadasi guy and viva :lol2: they r cok cok deli
  9. cherry

    cherry Fan

    hey girls.... just wanted 2 stay that true friendship never dies and i shows that ye r such good friends coz ye make d effort 2 stay in touch...
  10. Umit

    Umit Veteran Staff Member

    Thanks Cherry; hope to see you here everyday :console2:
  11. cherry

    cherry Fan

    dont worry u will i supposed 2 b workin but this is sooooooooo much more interestin :lol:

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