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Hey.........Guess What.........Am Steven

Discussion in 'Introduce yourself' started by STEVEN, Aug 10, 2004.


    STEVEN Explorer

    Hola Everyone! :)

    My Names Steven & I Come From Aberdeen :wave:

    I've Never Tried Kusadasi Before But I Have Been Going To Marmaris For the Past 10 Years (It's Afa Good Like) lol

    Anyone Know Kusadasi_Carly? :roll:

    Am Good Mates With Her As We Go To The Same Skool & We Live beside Each Other lol

    Speak To Ya All Soon

    Bye For Now :wave:

    Steven xxxxx :clap:
  2. Hi steven welcome too this forum.

    Yeah everybody know Carly, lovely girl.

    Thinking about trying Kusadasi, or addicted too marmaris like we r with Kusadasi?
  3. jeanke

    jeanke Fan

    welcome steve...i hope u will come kusadasi too

    STEVEN Explorer


    Thanks For The Warm Welcome You Have Gave Me!

    Yeah Carly Is A Lovely Girl but She Can Be A Little Madam lol

    I Would Like To Try Kusadasi But For the Moment I Am Too Addicted To Marmaris (It's Such A Lovely Place)

    Speak Soon
    Steven xxx
  5. Umit

    Umit Veteran Staff Member

    Welcome Steven,

    i agree with you, Marmaris is very beautiful place and i love it. But Kusadasi has very different taste and Kusadasi is always my #1 place.

    Hope u enjoy with the forum ;)

    STEVEN Explorer

    Thank You For Your Welcome Kusadasi-Guy

    So Has Anyone Got Any Good Places To Visit Or Eat @ In Kusadasi that You Can Tell Me About So It Shall Make me Want To Go To Kusadasi

    Steven xx
  7. Weellll Steven...Everything in Kusadasi is good. You really must try for yourself!
  8. **claire**

    **claire** Super Moderator

    Hi Steven!! :cheesy:

    have to agree with Carly on this one!! we can tell you all the good stuff, but you'll have to give marmaris a miss & visit kusadasi to see it for yourself!!!

    you must of had Carly going on about Kus for years!!! :cheesy:

    STEVEN Explorer


    Carly Will Never Shut Up About Kusadasi lol But I Do the Same on Marmaris lol

    I Will Maybe Visit Kusadasi When I Go To Marmaris For The Whole Summer Next Year!

    Me N Carly Are Always Argueing About Which Is better lol

    Speak Later
    Steven xxx
  10. And who always wins?!?!?!?
  11. STEVEN

    STEVEN Explorer

    it's a 50/50 draw lol

    we normally give up because it turns into a slagging match lol
  12. STEVEN

    STEVEN Explorer

    How Long Has Everyone Been Going To Kusadasi

    Have Any Of You Got Any Funny Stories

    Steven xx
  13. Hande

    Hande Fan

    hi steven
    firstly I'd like to say welcome hehe
    I've been going to kuşadası only for some years but my grandma has bought a house there so guess I'll be going there almost every year.. :D
    you really should visit kuşadası :razz:
  14. wombat

    wombat Explorer

    Hi Steven, I have been to marmaris & Kusadasi and love both places
    my wifes family have just returned from kusadasi and loved the place.

    One good thing about kusadasi is the great waterparks and its not that far
    from izmir for a look at a major turkish city, but that can be a bit daunting
    and you woud need good intructions before going.

    Give kusadasi a go you will love it.

  15. STEVEN

    STEVEN Explorer

    hi Wombat

    Thanks For The Info On Kusadasi

  16. STEVEN

    STEVEN Explorer

    Hola Hande

    Thank You For Your Kind Welcome

    It Must Be Cool That Your Grandma Owns A House There As it Lets You Go Anytime You Wish
  17. Sharon

    Sharon Fan

    hi my name is sharon welcome
  18. STEVEN

    STEVEN Explorer

    Hi Sharon

    Please To Meet Ya Thanks For The Welcome

    How long have u been goin to kusadasi?

  19. hulooooo steven :wave: am from scotland 2 :cheesy:
  20. STEVEN

    STEVEN Explorer

    Hola xl_sian_lx

    Pleased To Meet Ya

    Where In Scotland Are You From? I Am From Aberdeen Same As My Mate Kusadasi_Carly lol


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