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Has anyone stayed in the Adakule hotel before?

Discussion in 'Hotel Reviews and Questions' started by pesky82, Jul 4, 2004.

  1. pesky82

    pesky82 Explorer

    I am going to Kusadasi in 6 days and 21 hours!!!! Yipeeeeeeeeeee! :clap:

    Has anyone been to the Adakule hotel? Aparently it's supposed to be really nice but not a lot of english visit there... I'll be there very soon and I'd really like to know what to expect.

    I would love any replies/advice about Kusadasi and/or Adakule!

  2. Umit

    Umit Veteran Staff Member

    Adakule is one of the most beautiful hotel in Kusadasi and has wondeful panorama - especially perfect for sunset watchers. You are coming to very nice hotel ;)
  3. bEaCh BoY

    bEaCh BoY Fan

    I stayed at adakule last time I was in kusa.. I think it is a very nice hotel.. As kusadasi-guy said it has a wonderful sunset.. It also has its own private bay..
    A lot of stairs.. will keep you in shape :cheesy:

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