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Guzelcamli - Ever heard of it?

Discussion in 'Travel Talk' started by b1gb0y, Jan 10, 2005.

  1. b1gb0y

    b1gb0y Explorer


    I am thinking of buying a villa in Guzelcamli. Has any body heard of it? What's it like there?

  2. lorraine

    lorraine Fan

    Guz is about 25 min drive from Kusadasi at the beginning of the millipark. The next resort up from Davutlar. It is quiet and has a little village with restaurants etc.
    Property is slightly cheaper down that end, but not for long i dont think. Quite a few foreigners are buying there now.
    Hope that helps.
  3. **claire**

    **claire** Super Moderator

    Guzelcamli is surrounded by the Dilek peninsular national park. there are miles of beautiful beaches.

    you can see the Greek island of Samos

    The water is beautifully clear & attracts swimmers,waterskiers, windsurfers and divers.

    Kusadasi is a mere 23km away, or 20 minutes on the Dolmus.
  4. Susanc

    Susanc Addict


    If I Was You I Wud Buy The Property Straight Away As It Sounds Edible

  5. Mella

    Mella Administrator Staff Member

    I was reading up on Guzelcamli. It actually sounds really nice! (although where in Turkey doesn't sound nice!) On other forums - I was also speaking to a few British people that have bought villa's there and they are very pleased with their choice. You should definately go for it!
  6. Russel James

    Russel James Explorer

    Ref guz

    We have a villa in Davutala a few mile down the road.We were in guz last october for a meal .go for it you won't regret it .Thomas cook are doing flights to Izmir the nearest airport which are cheap out of season .
  7. zory19

    zory19 Fan

    Happy Birthday
  8. Mella

    Mella Administrator Staff Member

    Zory19, please stop posting off topic stuff in every topic. It is really ruining the forum threads.
  9. elf

    elf Explorer

    living next to Millipark is like living next to heaven! I think its a great choice :) and Kus is not that far away so I would vote for buying it... erm.. and if you do, could I move in? pretty please? 0:)
  10. french

    french Explorer


    May be i can help about Guzelcamli.It is about 15minutes drive from Kusadasi.it is very easy to reach as there are plenty of dolmus.My parents live in the area called Love Beach(Sevgi Plaji).Season starts in April until end of november , nice and quite place if you want i can send you the pictures of the area.My parents neighbour are selling their house it is a 3 stor ey building,3 double bedrooms every floor has it is own toilet and shower, 2 balconies, Kamelya which is a big porch , shared swimming pool.possibility of renting 3rd floor because of seperate entrance.I have the pictures of my parents house, it is the same concept and very well maintained.they are asking for 75000 euro, you can make price comparison
    good luck
  11. Umit

    Umit Veteran Staff Member

    Hello French;

    i can publish the pix for you if you send me the pictures.
    kusadasiguy@gmail.com is my email address.
  12. ally

    ally Rose of Kusadasi

    Guzelcamli is a nice relaxing little village but be warned that its very quiet other than from mid-june to mid-september when the turkish people are there staying in their summer houses.
    My mum has a villa there which sits right at the harbour; beautiful place but not for someone who wants somewhere with lots going on.
    Kusadasi is a half-hour ride on the dolmus but remember you would have to get a taxi back if you stay out after midnight.
    The price of property in Guzelcamli has risen dramatically in the past year and is continuing to rise.

  13. danny

    danny Fan

    Guzelcamli is just down the road from me in Devautlar, we provide transfers from Izmir Or Bodrum to Guz

  14. taze

    taze Fan

    Danny, How much do you charge for airport transfers to/from Guzelcamli?
  15. kevkj

    kevkj Gladiator


    Although we bought on Love Beach and absolutely love our site.We think Guz is the nicest place we have visited so far ,we love a relaxed evening out there,its hidden away from the tourists and long may it be,it does seem as though lots of Brits are buying here and i know for a fact the local mayor has huge plans for this area.If your lookuing to buy Guz is your spot.
  16. zeytin

    zeytin Connoisseur


    Hi Kevkj and all, Yes, Guzelcamli is a lovely place, we have just bought there. We love it because of the quietness and it is not commercial at all, Hope it stays that way. Can,t wait to go back in march. Mavis
  17. Rubab

    Rubab Fan

    Guzelcamli is really nice, We are in Davutlar just down the road, It's a good choice. Not in the city but good excess.
  18. Guzelcamli is a nice to place to buy a property , prices are better then Kusadasi center or Long beach , you can find villas for around 30k pounds..

    Good luck

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