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Guzelcamli and Davutlar

Discussion in 'Travel Talk' started by zeewattaneyo, Oct 4, 2004.

  1. zeewattaneyo

    zeewattaneyo Explorer

    Hi all, new to this forum but not new to Turkey. We are thinking about buying a house in either Guzelcamli or Davutlar and would like to know a bit more about these areas, in particular Guzelcamli. Does anyone have any photos of Guzelcamli? We have been to Kusadasi but never left the town unfortunately.

    We have been sent details of some houses but need some advice from the experts on the area prior to visiting.
  2. zeewattaneyo

    zeewattaneyo Explorer

    Can no-one tell me anything about Guzelcamli and Davutlar?
  3. apricot

    apricot Explorer

    This may help a little.

    hope I don't get shot for including a link!

    I am also looking to buy in one of these places. Have you been out there yet?

  4. Davutlar

    Hi we bought a house on Paradise beach, which is actually in Davutlar, its very nice, davutlar itself ie the village/town is very quiet and local, not really somewhere to spend a holiday.
    The area around Paradise beach is very nice and ideal for holidays.
  5. Guzelfriend

    Guzelfriend Explorer

    Welcome to Guzelcalmi and Millipark!
    Nice idea to buy a home in Guzel or Davultar. The latest in full of oportunities since the building activity has been extemely active during the last decade.
    Davultar has a real amazing beach, whereas Guzel has a small and less civilized one less crowdy too, especially during the WE. Housing in Davultar is mainly in "Sitesi" (i.e. condominium or townships). In Guzel, houses are more located randomly in the village.

    When in Kusha, visit thiese 2 villages: take the Dolmus ( near the market place, 3YTL one way) and have a stop in Davultar 1st go for a walk down to the seaside since Davultar center is NOT on the beach -1.5KM) and then in Guzel.

    All the facilities in Davultar (Tanzas supermarket, expensive but really nice...)
    Guzel is the end of the road: Millipark is the very end of the road, just after Ritmmax Hotel.

    Try to buy a home in Winter since prices are much lower!

    Have a nice stay
  6. kevkj

    kevkj Gladiator

    We bought on Love Beac Davutlar.
    Great beaches around the area .
    We love eating out in both Davutlar and Guzalcamli .
    The value for money is fantastic with drinks(4 bottles of efes) and meals totalling about £4 a head.
    We like the Agora In Guz and Vitamin in Davutlar.
    A turkish shave in davutlar andf hair cut £2.60
    So glad we bought out of central Kus
  7. laura parini

    laura parini Explorer

    hi kevkj
    yes guzelcamli is lovely,davutlar is bigger, i enjoy thinking that i will be there in august...very soon..
    by laura
  8. laura parini

    laura parini Explorer

    i guzelfriend

    like you writhe you know very well guzel....i do es well..last year i hear that the thermalbad was open . How is it? güzel...?
    by laura

  9. puravida

    puravida Fan

    Davultar and Guzelcamli

    Just minutes from Davultar and Guzelcamli the beautiful Millipark is worth a vist, clears waters, amazing beaches, wildlife and forest trails.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  10. kevkj

    kevkj Gladiator

    Guzelcamli is a wonderful village ,its name is translated to "beautiful pine tree" i believe".
    The village has a wonderful relaxed atmosphere and is a hidden diamond from the crowds.
    The warmth of the local people is unsurpassed in my view.
    We have recently bought a apartment in the village and plan to retire there as do many other people we know.
    The village offers everything you need.
  11. welshturks

    welshturks Addict

    Welcome to the forum zeewatanayo.

    Can I suggest that, before heading of to look at actual properties, you take the advice of newbie member Guzelfriend, and catch a dolmus into Davutlar (which you travel through first) and then Guzelcamli.

    Have a walk around both and get a feel for them. You'll also see how many minutes it takes to get to and from Kusadasi-Davutlar-Guzelcamli on the dolmus.

    It's quicker by car, as you aren't stopping and starting picking up other passengers, but relaxing on the dolmus gives you the chance to look around and see what the areas you are passing through are like.

    On your return from Guzelcamli, get the dolmus with the little red heart signwritten on it - it may also say Love Beach or in Turkish, Sevgi Plaji. Jump on and go to the Love Beach. Get off there, and see for yourself the quality of the beach (17 golden kilometres of sand and crystal clear water) in this area.

    Bear in mind that many of the houses and complexes closer to the water are used more or less exclusively as holiday homes and very few are inhabited during the winter. If you see anything you like and aren't too sure of what's around there, feel free to ask, and myself or anopther member of the forum familiar with the area will be only too happy to help you out.

    By the way, in case you were wondering, I am not in any way connected with the sale of real estate - I own the local English newspaper, I'm nosey so I like to find out stuff, and I currently have a house in the Love Beach area, which I personally think is one of the most beautiful areas of this coast, so I am a bit biased!! (LOL)


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